Best Golf Gloves: Top Quality Gloves With Grip

10 Best Golf Gloves: Top Quality Gloves With Grip

Are you looking for top quality gloves with grip? In this article, we’ll review our picks for top quality gloves with grip. In addition to promoting contact and protecting the hand, the golf glove is used to put less pressure on the grip.

It’s simple when something is placed between two surfaces, and the pressure is reduced. And this is very important for the left hand on the swing (for a right-handed person). It’s important to have reasonably light grip pressure that allows you to easily flex your wrist (to put the club together) with enough pressure on your fingers to control the club.

Gloves are made of leather or synthetic leather, and most of the time, the two materials are combined.

 Many are equipped with a reinforcement in the lower part of the palm that helps maintain this necessary pressure at the top of the swing while facilitating the wrist’s flexibility.

Gloves also offer more elasticity in the joints, allowing the fingers to work better.

Most of the gloves sold today are also highly resistant to moisture and rain.

All these technological advances allow a better grip, a better touch, and better control in any condition.

Our advice: always carry one or two gloves beforehand in your bag.

We recommend the use of more resistant synthetic gloves for long practice sessions. Leather gloves provide an exceptional feel, unfortunately, at the price of greater fragility.

10 best top quality gloves

10 best top quality gloves



  • Perfect in every season
  • Left-hand glove – suitable for right-handed players
  • Magnetic ball marker
  • Knuckles and fingers in lycra


Wilson Men’s Golf Glove

Wilson Men Golf Glove
  • Soft, synthetic microfiber men’s golf glove for comfort, feel, and durability.
  • Leather-weave palm for grip and durability
  • Cool Max lycra fabric on fingers for a better fit and optimal moisture absorption
  • Cool Max fabric in the wrist area for greater comfort and to improve sweat from heat and humidity
  • Contents: 1 x Wilson Men’s Golf Glove, Left Hand, Size: S, MLH, Color: White, Feel Plus, WGJA00064S


Footjoy CabrettaSof – Gloves for Men

Footjoy CabrettaSof -Gloves for Men
  • Elastic closure to improve palm fit and comfort
  • Provides a smooth feel and is resistant to sweat
  • They are slightly shorter in finger length.
  • Soft kid leather


FINGER TEN Winter Golf Gloves Men with Ball Marker Grip

  • WARM WINTER GOLF GLOVES SOLD AS A PAIR: These Finger Winter Windproof Golf Gloves are sold in pairs (left and right);
  • EXTRA DESIGN WITH THE BALL MARKER: Each pair of golf gloves has a ball marker on one glove piece; For your convenient cold weather ball marker;
  • HIGH QUALITY WIND-PROOF AND SNOW-PROOF MATERIAL: The back material uses high-quality wind and snow-proof microfiber fleece, which retains heat and resists cold wind; The Palm Use suede microfiber 3D pattern, soft-touch and secure grip in cold weather conditions;
  • ADJUSTABLE OPTI FIT CLOSURE – Adjustable closure will keep the fit safe with perforations for better grip performance in cold weather;
  • All Finger Ten golf gloves are eligible for Amazon’s 30-day return and exchange policy.


Wilson Staff Golf Glove Grip Plus Multi-fabric construction

  • Men’s golf glove with high grip control, feel durability, high-quality Abyssinian Cabretta leather, thumb, and palm combined with high-tech fabrics.
  • High quality 61H synthetic leather palm for better support
  • Better feeling thanks to the very soft cloth on the top of the hand
  • Reverse seams on thumb for better feel and ergonomics
  • Contents: 1 x Wilson Staff Men’s Golf Glove, GRIP PLUS, left hand, size: M / L, MLH, color: white, WGJA00680ML


Stuburt STGLV08 Golf Glove for Men

  • Synthetic leather golf gloves.
  • The Cabretta leather palm and thumb give added grip while wearing this golf glove.
  • Microfiber stretch panel inserts make this golf glove comfortable while offering a second-skin feel.
  • Velcro closure on the back of the glove.
  • Golf gloves for left and right hand.


FootJoy WeatherSof: Glove for Men-Right-handed

  • Golf glove with Taction2 leather material offering durability and flexibility in key stress areas
  • FiberSof microfiber, along with the fingers, blends in for a secure fit and grip.
  • The 3-Directional ComforTab fits snugly for a secure and reliable fit and feel.
  • Stretch, and breathable PowerNet mesh along fingers and knuckles creates cool comfort.


Footjoy 66245 Golf Glove For Man

  • New model 2018
  • Soft-touch and very comfortable fit 
  • Elastic system


 Callaway OPTI-Color Golf Glove For Men

  • New 2019 model.
  • Made entirely of leather, perforated palm and fingers for more excellent breathability,
  • Optifeel closure and bright colors make Callaway Opticolor gloves the best choice for performance and fashion.


Callaway Weather Spann Golf Glove For Woman

  • New model 2019
  • Callaway weather Spann golf glove specially designed for use in all weather conditions.
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Modern design

Types of Golf Gloves

There are many different types of materials, grip zones, adjustments… that make each golf glove unique and different. Next, we will focus on the material they are made of, which is probably the main feature to take into account.

Leather Golf Gloves

By far the most widely used material for a golf glove, leather offers many advantages to golfers. The fabric’s texture is perfect for golf, provides an excellent feel, and is worn like a second skin.

Leather is also very resistant to moisture and will stay soft for a long time if you take care of it. Over time it will stretch, so don’t try to take a size above it and expect to grow into it. It will soak up water after a rainy day, but it will offer the same quality of grip once correctly dried. Make sure it gets back in shape and let it dry naturally. For leather golf gloves, we recommend the Titleist and Foot joy brands.

Synthetic Golf Gloves

Most commonly used for glove parts, synthetic is an extremely lightweight and stretchy material ideal for a golf glove. It is present mainly in the joints to provide optimal flexibility.

Some gloves on the market are made of 100% synthetic material and more durable than leather gloves. It’s light, airy, and the stretchy microfibers work perfectly to adapt to the movement of the player’s hand and allow the needle to breathe in warmer weather.

The Golf Gloves For All The Weather

All-weather gloves indicate what is intended to be written on the packaging. Designed for players who play in wet weather or extreme humidity conditions, it is more resistant to water than any other material. It can offer better sensations in these particular weather conditions.

In fact, the wetter it gets, the more this light and airy synthetic material cling to the grip thanks to the microfibers that resist creating more friction. Often covered in a thicker, cozier material to keep your hands warm in cold weather, it’s undoubtedly the best option for playing in the rain or if your hands tend to get damp in the heat.

Thermal Golf Gloves

Winter conditions and temperatures scare many golfers, but winter or thermal gloves are a warmer option for your fingers during these winter months. It is a thick material glove, often woven or thermal, that can be worn in one or two hands to play the movements. It resembles a standard golf glove, usually dark in color. It allows the player to keep their hands warm, which is essential to maintain their feel.

Golf Mitts

The other type of winter glove is the glove. Designed to wrap your hands or a classic golf glove, they are not made for play, but there is no better alternative to keep your hands feeling than winter golf gloves.

Finding The Right Golf Gloves

It is estimated that more than 50% of golfers wear a glove that is too big for them. The golf glove should look like a second skin, with no excess material on the palm or fingertips. When putting on the glove, you should first insert your fingers and wrap the glove around each finger before finally pulling on the thumb.

A practical tip to remember is that the velcro closure should not exceed 3/4. Otherwise, it is too large, and a smaller one is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Glove Use (FAQs)

Q. On which hand should you wear the glove?

A. If you are right-handed, you must wear the glove on your left hand. Similarly, if you are left-handed, you will wear the glove on your right hand. Some winter and all-weather gloves offer pairs of gloves for both hands, but this is quite rare.

Q. Why do professionals remove their putter gloves?

A. Most professional players remove their gloves before playing with their golf club. This is not to avoid tan marks, nor look stylish by hanging the glove in the back pocket, but once again to optimize the sensations.

The thicker your hand, the less sensitive you will be. The fingers and hands’ nerves are not in direct contact with the golf grip, reducing touch sensation. The putting, as many specialists preach, is a matter of feelings.

You should feel the distance from the putt and play the shot, feeling the dose through the grip. So the pros choose to remove their gloves to optimize the feel and control of their putts.

Q. What sizes of gloves do manufacturers offer?

A. At the moment, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” All golf glove manufacturers produce gloves that fit your hand perfectly. The sizes “Women,” “Men,” and “Children” are offered by most brands. For the categories “Female” and “Male,” sizes are usually Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL).

However, many manufacturers will go a step further by offering a Medium Large (ML) size, as most men will fall within a Medium to Large size. Some brands also provide “Cadet” size gloves with shorter fingers and a wider palm. One tip: try before you buy.

Q. What should I do if my glove is wet?

A. It is essential to dry the glove after getting wet. It is recommended to air dry at room temperature or in the open air. If a glove is wet when you play, it is best to change it for maximum performance.

It is always a good idea to have more than one glove in the bag in bad weather or if the glove gets wet from sweat. Professionals generally keep 4-6 gloves for each field they play on and change them 2-3 times per shift. However, golf gloves are free.

For an amateur player, investing in multiple golf gloves and alternating with more than one glove per course is the solution that will help you gain control over your game and won’t cost you more in the long run.

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