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Golf Rules: Basic golf rules for the beginner


Any golfer who wants to participate in a golf tournament will be interested in whether a golf distance meter (DMD) is used. Moreover, this has to do with the current golf rules. A device that measures distances can be a golf GPS watch, smartwatch, laser range finder, game analyzer or golf radar—even smartphones equipped with dedicated golf apps. Some of them are pervasive technological devices in any field around the world.


However, regardless of any consideration, it is good to know that a golf distance meter helps better understand lengths. Must in this sport. In that way, a golfer can learn little by little to calculate them without using any gadget.

A look At The Golf Rules

The golf rules dictated by The R&A, which governs the sport worldwide and the USGA. Although they operate in separate jurisdictions, they share criteria for the Golf Rules, Rules of Amateur Status, and Equipment Standards.

Moreover, since January 2019, there are new golf rules. However, they do not change the essence of the old Rule 14-3 of 2006. According to Rule 14-3 (artificial devices, unusual equipment and unusual use of equipment), official competition is not allowed. However, it allows some types of devices to use by a Local Golf Rules.

The Organization Of A Tournament Can Admit Its Use.

In other words, the Organizing Committee of a tournament itself can admit its use if it deems it appropriate. Next, we summarise the new Golf Rules, 4.3, in the sections that refer to DMDs. The first consideration is that a player may use equipment to assist him in his game during a round. However, you will not be able to get a possible advantage.

  • Suppose the player uses equipment (other than a club or ball). In that case, it artificially eliminates or reduces the need for skill or judgment essential to the game’s challenge.
  • Alternatively, he uses equipment (including a club or ball) abnormally when making a stroke. The abnormal shape means a shape that is different from its traditionally accepted use and is not formally recognize as part of the game.

What Golf Rule 4.3 says

This Golf Rule does not affect the application of any other that limits the actions of a player. In summary, the permitted and prohibited equipment uses during around under this Golf Rules are:

1. Distance and directional information.

  • Permitted Uses: Get information about distances or directions (such as a golf distance meter or compass).
  • Prohibited Uses: Measure elevation changes or interpret any distance or directional information. For example, a team provides the recommended line of play or the advisable club based on the player’s ball’s location.

2. Information on wind and other meteorological conditions.

  • Permitted Uses: Get any meteorological information (including wind speed). Whenever it is available in weather forecasts, also measure the temperature and humidity in the field.
  • Prohibited Uses: Measure the wind speed in the field or use an artificial device. All this to get information related to the wind (such as dust to estimate the wind direction).

3. Information obtained before or during the return.

  • Permitted Uses: Use the information that has been generating before the start of the round. Include information from previous laps, swing tips, or club recommendations. Even record game information obtained during the round (such as club distance, game statistics or heart rate).
  • Prohibited Uses: Processing or interpreting specific information about the return. Including club recommendations based on current distances on the lap. Alternatively, use any physiological information recorded during the lap.

4. Audio and video.

  • Permitted Uses: Listen to the audio or watch videos of things not related to the competition. It can be a news program or background music. However, in doing so, you have to show consideration for others (see Rule 1.2).
  • Prohibited Uses: Listening to music or other audio to eliminate distractions or help with the swing’s rhythm. Even watch videos showing the game of the player or other players during the competition. Whenever they help the player choose a club, make a stroke or decide how to play during the round.

5. Penalty for breach of Rule 4.3:

Penalty for the first offense in a single act or related acts:

General Penalty.

For the second offense not related to the first offense: Disqualification. This penalty applies even if the offense’s nature was completely different from the offense that produced the first penalty.


In Summary

Any golf distance measuring device used to play an official tournament. However, we need to measure the distances that only. If you are using a golf watch designed to measure slope or wind speed, it will not be allowed even if that feature is disabled.

However, even so, there is some controversy about this issue. So, it is always better to clear up any doubts by consulting the tournament organization. It will avoid setbacks and misunderstandings.

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