Playing Golf In The wind How To Do It?

Best 12 Tips For Playing Golf In Winter

Tips For Playing Golf In Winter

These 12 tips for playing golf in winter are essential for all those golf enthusiasts who are not lucky enough to live in places where the climate is more benign And there are no low temperatures except a few days a year.

As general tips for playing golf in winter: you have to keep warm without affecting your ability to make a correct swing, always stay dry, and protect yourself from the negative effects of the sun (which, even when cloudy, can play a trick on you).

That said, here are the bulk of the 12 tips for playing golf in winter, which surely you have never stopped to analyze. On the other hand: if you have never heard how the ice on a green creak when the ball begins to spin after kicking … it is because you have never played golf in winter and it was very cold.

1. Shorten your playing time.

With very cold you have to have a lot of passion for golf, to consider playing 18 holes when the weather conditions are not good.

Neither the temperatures nor the daylight hours will be on your side, so consider playing 9 holes instead of 18 holes or choose to play Pitch and Putt (3-par courses).

If it feels like a little, invest a little more time in the practice area, which will also help you improve your swing, and you will be more sheltered from inclement weather.

2. Always warm limbs.


People lose heat mainly through the extremities and the head, so you have to keep your hands, feet, and head warm. Sure you know how: wear winter / technical gloves (on both hands) and if the cold is extreme, wear mittens while you wait for the next shot (few things are as unpleasant as having your fingers “frozen”), golf shoe raincoats (technical socks) and a good hat (also a cap with ear flaps), with this you will mitigate heat loss as much as possible.

3. Bring hot drinks.

A thermos with a hot drink cannot be missing in your bags on very cold outings, you choose a coffee, tea, chocolate, stew broth…. If you are thinking of carrying another type of alcoholic beverage it is not recommended, far from appeasing your cold on the golf course it causes vasodilation and makes you more prone to hypothermia, not to mention that your coordination can be affected.

4. Be careful with the sun!


Do not stop using sunscreen just to be playing without a scorching sun, you can have burns on your skin even if you play with the cloudy sky. Also do not discard the use of sunglasses with UVA / UVB protection to protect your eyes and a good lip balm.

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5. Wear several layers of clothing.

The ideal would be to wear between three and four layers prior to your jacket/windbreaker so that during the course of the game (and if the temperature has risen), take off some of them to adapt to the temperature we are in at that time.

The layer closest to the body is always recommended to be a long-sleeved thermal undershirt and the rest as light, elastic, comfortable, and thin as we have, since if they cannot limit our movements and not allow us to swing. comfortably.

6. Beating in winter.


Always play with one more club if possible, because at a lower temperature the air is denser and the ball will be cold, which causes spin and speed to be lost, which is the same, you will lose distance (approximately one club, so opt for the next one in your bag).

7. Approach in winter.

To avoid surprises you have to play the approach shots more stretched / low than usual to have better control of the ball and its trajectory.

For the shot that enters the green, avoid very high shots and effects, because due to the hardness of the green they will not give you the result that you could expect.

8. Kicking in winter.


The greens are harder, something that you will have already noticed when your first approach shot has hit the green. This makes the ball run faster and you get more distance than on a day outside the winter, being more complex to calculate the force needed to hole out and it also makes the ball catch each and every one of the falls it finds on the way to the hole. in a more extreme way. It measures a lot of the force you apply with the putter in winter.

9. What if it also rains?

In this case, the use of a buggy or having a generously sized umbrella attached to your car is essential, as is a rain suit or 100% waterproof clothing. It dries the clubs after each hit or it may accumulate moisture in the grips and not have a correct grip on the clubs.

You may find yourself with flooded areas or very soft terrain, so try to avoid hitting very high and areas where its orography can lead to accumulating excess water or you will lose many meters.

With the wet green the ball will be much slower and you will have to print more force with the putter.

10. What if it’s also windy?


With wind it is not advisable to make risky shots, you have to be very conservative or you can take home a card of 150 shots. Playing golf with the wind depends a lot on whether you have the wind in favor, against, or lopsided, you can see in detail how to do it correctly from here.

11. Stretch well before playing.

It is something that must always be done before practicing any physical sport. Do stretches before starting to play to avoid injuries and always hit some balls in the practice area before the game to warm up.

The exercises are decided by you, but don’t forget that it is always basic and even more cold.

12. Listen to your body.

With cold, your body makes a greater effort to stay warm, which causes you to expend more energy. So do not forget to drink regularly and carry some nuts, cereal bars, fruit, chocolate, etc… in your bag to give your body a little extra energy (you will undoubtedly need it).

If you have any additional recommendations to those set out, do not hesitate to leave a comment and share it.

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