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Golf Club Sets For Men

Despite the fact that many see golf as a sport for people with high economic power and not very willing to make great physical efforts, the truth is that this sport, at professional levels, requires more wear and tear than it might seem, especially in the mental apart, but it also demands an important physical tone.

And you don’t need to be rich either if what you want is simply to practice it as leisure. Of course, it requires tools that have a certain cost, due to the high-quality materials and the technology that has been developed with them. This is the case of golf clubs, keys to the game no matter how talented the golfer has.

The most important

  • The golf club is an essential tool to practice this sport.
  • The head, shaft, and grip are the three parts that make up a golf club.
  • As we will mention in the purchase criteria, the types of golf clubs offer us different characteristics to carry out the different strokes that the development of the competition requires.

Ranking: Best Golf Clubs

Next, we’ll take a look at the most popular, top-rated, and best-selling golf clubs on the market. They are products for men, women, and children, mainly recommended for beginners, amateurs, and mid-level players. The quality is guaranteed and the prices are very consistent with the performance of each item.

Our Top 5 Best Complete Golf Sets For Men

Position 1: Wilson Men’s Stretch

Wilson Stretch XL Women

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Wilson men’s Stretch ten golf clubs ( driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrids, 7, 8, and 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter ) for right-handed men. Also available for left-handed and with the extended measuring rod, for right-hand only. The iron sticks are made of stainless steel, while the wooden one combines titanium and steel.

Recommended, especially, for players who are beginning or do not have a great experience. The carry bag is lightweight with a top handle, shoulder strap, retractable legs, and five compartments for carrying accessories or drinks. Available in a combination of white, gray, and purple colors.

Position 2: Wilson Stretch XL Men

Wilson Stretch XL Men

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Wilson Stretch XL Men Set of 10 golf clubs (driver, wood 3, hybrid 5, irons 6, 7, 8, and 9, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter). Although this model is for right-handed men, it is also available for left-handed, women, long gauge, graphite, and graphite extended gauge. It is ideal for beginners and occasional players.

The irons are made of stainless steel, the wooden ones of a titanium-steel alloy, while the rods are made of graphite. It has a bag with support and two shoulder straps, light and easy to carry. It has five compartments for the clubs and pockets for other accessories.

Position 3: Ben Sayers Kids M1i

Ben Sayers Kids M1i

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Ben Sayers Kids M1i kid’s golf clubs have become this year’s best-selling product. In addition, they enjoy very positive reviews from buyers and users. They are made of graphite (a mineral composed of carbon), which makes them very light and easy for children to handle.

It has four different types of golf clubs and a light carry bag with a tripod, very comfortable, and safe. The value for money is very good. As the main disadvantage, we can mention that it is only offered for right-handed players, which limits its demand but does not detract from its popularity.

Position 4: Wazaki Japan WL-IIs 4-SW MX

Wazaki Japan WL-IIs 4-SW MX

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Wazaki Japan WL-IIs 4-SW MX Set of golf clubs with heads made of hybrid steel, which makes them lighter and more resistant at the same time. The innovative Japanese technology used in the design, with an impact area that makes it easier to expand the sweet spot, increases the speed of the ball and the distance traveled, as well as better acceptance of misdirected shots.

The grips are made of titanium and carbon, offering greater stability and control. The lower center of gravity gives power to the blow. The set comes with 8 units (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, pys), plus as many headcovers. They are clubs for right-handed players, finished in black, blue, and red.

Position 5: Precise M5

Precise M5

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Precise M5 set of 10 right-handed men’s clubs is suitable for beginner, amateur, or intermediate golfers. It has a driver, wood (with graphite shaft), 5 irons (with tempered steel shafts), hybrid, and putter. They are strong, light clubs that allow you to have good control over the balls.

The transport bag includes straps and support to support it on the ground. It also has several compartments for accessories and protective covers, of different sizes, for the heads. User ratings are excellent, with some complaints about the bag’s materials.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Best Golf Clubs For The Money

Next, we will ask ourselves some questions to better understand some interesting aspects of golf clubs. We will know the distances that we can reach according to the type of stick. We will also discover how a left-handed golfer manages to find clubs designed for people who are not right-handed.

Shopping Guide What You Should Know About Golf Clubs
Shopping Guide What You Should Know About Golf Clubs

What is a golf club?

It is a sports instrument used to hit the ball in golf. This sport requires taking the ball from the tee (starting area) to the hole, traveling 18 fairways in total, each with different terrain, steep, with obstacles or traps. And since it is difficult to do different techniques for each shot, we chose to use different clubs.

In official competition matches, the player cannot carry more than 14 clubs, as he is exposed to a penalty. Of course, within that number, you can choose the types that you consider appropriate so that each golfer attends to their personal needs or preferences to get the most out of their clubs.

Another essential complement to practice this sport is golf balls. If you want to know which are the best on the market and what aspects you should take into account before making a purchase, visit the following link:

Why buy golf clubs?

As many know, golf clubs are a sporting instrument used in the discipline of golf, which aims to hit the ball in various terrains, moments, and circumstances.

However, not all golf clubs are the same as all players are. The best golf club is one that for a very good price allows us to enjoy all the advantages of a quality instrument.

They are usually the most requested, especially by those who start in this sport, and are not yet very clear about which golf club is appropriate for them.

But against what many people think, a golf clubs on offer is not a low quality one, in fact, many recognized and important brands manufacture them to offer beginners or casual golf fans and have very good features and performance.

Are there golf clubs for left-handed players?

In any sports discipline, lefties have a special ability. The problem in golf is the clubs, designed for right-handed players. A few years ago it was very difficult to find clubs for lefties, something that is now easier. They need a different design and it is almost better to make the order. These are some characteristics:

  • They have a different orientation than right-handers.
  • The heads come in three sizes: standard, medium, and large.
  • Special designs prevent them from tripping over their legs or feet when making a play.
  • As they are usually made to order, they are more expensive than right-handed clubs.
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What advantages does a hybrid golf club offer us?

Hybrid clubs are still not very popular with professionals, but they tend to be in the bag of many amateur or mid handicappers players. This is because they offer greater tolerance to imperfect blows and reach the same distances with less effort. These are some of the advantages of hybrids:

  • The size of its head is bigger than that of iron with equivalent performance. It is easier to hit correctly and the trajectory is higher.
  • The shaft of the hybrid is shorter compared to that of wood because the head has greater weight. That facilitates a correct “hit”.
  • The flight of the ball achieves a higher trajectory, compared to wood, and when landing the ball rolls less.
  • The larger flat face makes it easier for us to make effects.
What is the putter?

The putter is the golf club that we use to hit the ball towards the hole when we are on or near the green (area delimited with short, fine grass and smoothed ground). To choose one it is necessary to be guided by our sensations, although we can approximate it by analyzing its characteristics and reference to our game.

It is the most widely used club, even ahead of the driver. We can use the putter up to 40 times per lap. They are classified according to the head design (blade, mallet, and hell-toe) and the position of the shaft relative to the clubhead (heel shaft and centered shaft.

What are the distances that the golf clubs reach?
What is the putter
What are the distances that the golf clubs reach?

The best golf clubs have a numbering that indicates their characteristics and the distances that can be reached with each one, although they are always approximate since the final result of a stroke depends on various circumstances. The table below does not include the putter and hybrid club, which is equivalent to a 3 iron or 5 wood:

What are the distances that the golf clubs reach
How to keep golf clubs clean?

Dirt or stains on golf clubs, apart from aesthetic consequences, can produce alterations in their performance, sometimes not very noticeable, but important enough to have to be remedied. It will not be a difficult task, although it requires some care so as not to damage our game tool.

In a bucket of soapy water, we introduce the heads of the clubs, making sure that the water does not cover more than that area. We let them soak for a few minutes, depending on whether the dirt is more or less easy to remove, but never more than 10 or 15 minutes. They are then scrubbed with a toothbrush, rinsed, and dried before storing.

How to keep golf clubs clean

What are the most recognized brands of golf clubs?

The demand for golf means that the tools and accessories used in its practice need to be of very good quality. That is why only large brands can tackle the technological challenge of manufacturing items such as golf clubs. These are some of the most recognized firms:

Wilson: Although it produces material for many sports, its quality in products such as golf clubs has made it a very popular brand among lovers of this sport.

Nike: In addition to its contribution to technological advances and the quality of its sports products, in this case, the clubs, we must highlight the great campaigns of this brand to popularize golf.

Callaway: Your golf items are highly regarded in the market. Several high-level professionals trust this firm, which in recent years became the best-selling iron.

TaylorMade: After developing various technologies, this company has contributed with some of its products, so that professional golfers achieve sounded international triumphs.

Titleist: Maker of clubs of the highest level. Suffice it to say that for several years she was the supplier of Tiger Woods, one of the greatest legends that golf has given.

Purchase criteria

There are several factors to take into account before purchasing golf clubs. Starting with the materials that compose them, the resistance, the different types of the stick, or the parts that make up this essential tool to practice this sport. But the foremost important thing is to know our game to know which golf clubs can offer us the best performance.

  • materials
  • Types
  • Resistance
  • Parts
  • Weight


Golf clubs are made of a variety of materials. In the case of the shaft, which is essential for our game by providing flexibility, distance, and comfort, we find two options: graphite and steel. The former is less heavy and produces a smoother hitting sensation, while steel generates a sharper impact.

Drivers, hybrids, and woods feature graphite shafts, while irons have steel shafts. Higher-level players opt for the second material because it gives them greater control, achieving better results, even if it is more difficult to handle. Beginners prefer the lightness and agility of graphite shafts.



There are several types of clubs, with subcategories and different numbers, so that we can choose which technique suits us best in each situation, although in official competitions no more than 14 clubs can be carried. Enough, and in most cases not all are used. These are the main types and their characteristics:



The strength of golf clubs is determined by the materials from which they are made. The lower the hardness of the components, the higher the height and distance can be obtained with these clubs. On the other hand, if the hardness is great, we will win in fundamental aspects such as speed, precision and sensitivity.

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Golf clubs have three distinct parts. A large area called the head. The grip, which is at the other end. And the rod, which joins both parts, the first with a resin adhesive and the second with a double adhesive tape. These are the characteristics of the parts of the stick:

  • Head: Can be stainless steel or coated mild steel. The woods (the driver rarely) and irons have grooves in the impact area to increase ball rotation.
  • Rod: Those built with graphite are the most popular. They have various rankings, depending on whether it is for men, women, or senior players.
  • Handle: Usually made of leather or rubber and has a small bump on the top.


Strokes are affected by the weight of the golf club. The steel ones are heavier, but they allow us to carry out more precise hits. The woods and hybrids are graphite, so you don’t have to lift a lot of weight, although the downside is that it reduces control over the ball and can affect its direction.


Golf is a very complete sport, which requires a lot of concentration and precision. Strength of mind is important, as is good physical tone, but the main thing is the equipment, especially the clubs, which are the most expensive. Some players choose to use borrowed clubs or have a pair. But if you want to take it seriously you must purchase your own set of clubs.

We have already seen that the decision is not easy to make because there are many characteristics to analyze, which we must then contrast with what we need. It is best to try until you feel comfortable and gradually acquire the necessary knowledge to recognize which clubs are going to give us the best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to put golf clubs in the bag

Since golf is a sport of great concentration, it’s necessary that you simply keep the clubs properly organized inside the cart; the thought is that you don’t waste time looking for the right stick for a crucial move, which will also help you make quick decisions since at a glance you can consider your possibilities.

For this reason, it is best to place longer golf clubs, such as drivers, woods, and hybrids, on the back of the bag. These sticks are longer than the others, so by placing them on the back, you’ll be able to access the rest more comfortably.

In the middle part, you can place the irons; taking caution to put them from left to right and from largest to smallest size. On the front, smaller sticks, such as wedges, should go; to keep them handy when you need them. Finally, many bags have a special storage place to store the putter; If this is the case, you’ll have to put it in sight and on the right.

Q2: How to carry golf clubs on a plane

As regards the transport of sports equipment, each airline has its own protocols and policies. As the result, you will need to analyze the situation before booking your flight and know exactly the different options, such as cost, packing mode, permitted weight, transportation insurance, boarding time, etc.

Content bags of golf clubs, given their size, are usually dispatched directly to the hold and are considered as individual baggage; although most of the time and depending on the airline, these bags carry an excess baggage payment.

In any case, you must prepare the content bag in advance with your precious sticks. In this sense and in order to provide protection, look for a padded bag, preferably with a hard exterior, that prevents damage to the structure of golf clubs. It is also important that you avoid carrying different equipment inside the bag, such as balls or sneakers.

As for the standard measurements authorized by some airlines to carry golf bags, we have the following: 190 x 75 x 65 cm and a weight of up to 23 kilos. However, check with your company about this.

Q3: How to clean rusty golf clubs and the way to shine them

Sticks that are made of stainless steel and graphite do not usually cope with oxidation; however, those made of tempered carbon steel are more vulnerable. If you would like to revive your old sticks, you’ll roll in the hay as follows.

To begin with, prepare the sticks by passing a damp cotton cloth and removing any dirt stuck or stuck in their grooves; to do this, use a soft bristle brush. If you have a lot of dirt attached, you’ll need to prepare warm soapy water to loosen the debris.

Then carefully dry each stick and once dry, use a piece of steel wool and gently start removing the rust. The threads of this material provide sufficient friction to purify the rust; so you don’t have to apply a lot of force. It is advisable to start at the head of the stick and continue to the shaft.

To fully restore this sports equipment and return its original shine, you will need to apply polished metal enamel with the help of a soft cloth. It is important that you follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer before starting with each golf club.

Q4: Graphite vs Steel Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are manufactured in different materials, with steel and graphite being the most commonly used by manufacturers. Between these two materials, there is a significant difference, especially as far as weight is concerned.

For starters, it is often believed that steel is heavier than graphite, which is true; However, there are some graphite models that weigh up to 120 g and steel models weighing just 90 g. For this reason, it depends on the brand of the manufacture of the stick in question.

Steel rods and graphite rods also differ in the way they transfer vibrations, from the moment they hit the ball until that vibration reaches the hands. That is, steel generates a sharper impact, while graphite produces a smoother feel.

Players with a very powerful swing and who have no problem with distances prefer steel rods, as it gives them more control. While for players who are starting out in this sport, graphite sticks are the most recommended for their lightness and because they provide agile and fast movements.

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