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The Best Golf Club Bag Comparator

When it comes to a product as simple as the best golf club bag, finding innovation is not easy. But the rotating inner tube of the Bag Boy Revolver FX Cart golf bag sets it apart from the others. You can rotate the inner segment to ensure the golf club you need is close to you for easy access, even when the bag is attached to a roofed cart.

As a golfer, you are generally more concerned with what goes into the best golf club bag than the bag itself. Golfers love new pilots, new putters, new tees, and everything in between.

But don’t forget the best golf club bag. Whether you are someone who walks across the field carrying a bag or you take the shopping cart everywhere with the bag stuck to your back (while telling your friends later that you have walked all 18 holes), a golf bag plays a crucial role in your enjoyment of the game.

The best golf club bags will keep your clubs organized and protected, ensuring that the 6 iron is in perfect shape and can be quickly grasped before you change your mind about trying to hook a shot around a tree, stepping directly over the trap. Of sand, and shoot within a few feet of the pin, just like your favorite pro did last Sunday.

The best golf club bags can also carry all your gear and keep it organized, using multiple pockets. Some even have an insulated pocket on the cooler that can keep your favorite beverage cold and close at hand for convenience when that crazy 6 iron shot never clears the sand trap because it bounces off the tree and into a water hazard.

Golf club bags come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices, so finding a good bag is easy and challenging at the same time. You have many options, but those options can overwhelm you after a while. That is why we have done the research to find the best golf club bags that you can buy.

1. Gold Medal: Bag Boy Revolver


The best golf club bags

The Bag Boy Revolver FX Cart Golf Bag uses a rotating inner segment so you can always have the club you want closer to you when the bag is on a stroller.

A car roof is a great way to stay dry when playing in the rain or shade yourself from the sun. But sometimes, that roof makes it difficult to get a stick out of the back of the bag because you can’t pull the bar up without hitting the edge of the roof.

The Bag Boy Revolver FX Cart Golf Bag solves this problem with an innovative design that allows you to rotate the top of the bag, turning the clubs inside the bag until you have the one that best suits your needs.

Even if you don’t use the rotate feature often, the top of the bag has a notched 14-way spacer that keeps individual clubs in place and prevents them from bumping while carrying the bag. Each divider runs the length of the bag, so the clubs’ handles do not twist when turning the top.

Bag Boy has offered spinning golf bags for almost a decade, but the FX is the latest model and offers the lightest design yet. It’s also the best overall design, making it an excellent choice to upgrade to an older Bag Boy golf bag.

It comes in seven different colors and has several separate bags and an insulated fridge bag, ensuring that you can carry all the gear you need, sorted and organized however you want. However, the Bag Boy FX may not have enough external pockets for some golfers’ needs, as one Amazon buyer comments.

Golf Info Guide says that the Revolver FX offers golfers innovative features with a high-quality construction that will last a long time.


An exciting design that brings the club you need closer to you, the 14-way dividing slots extend the golf club bag’s length so that the clubs’ handles do not get tangled, and they are lighter than previous bags of Bag Boy golf clubs.


The price is high; it has no external grooves to hold tall sticks.

2. Silver Medal: Callaway


The lightest golf bag

When you’re golfing for some exercise, you’ll want to walk around with the lightweight Callaway Hyper-Lite 1 + Carry Golf Bag. 

Some people say they play golf for exercise. They then spend 18 holes driving a golf cart as close to their golf balls as possible. By the time they’re done, they’ve already walked further from the parking lot to the clubhouse than they did on the actual golf course.

If you’re ready to hike the country at least occasionally when playing games, you’ll want a much lighter bag than the one you probably use on the riding cart.

The Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ Carry Golf Bag has the best combination of a heavy-duty bag that will keep your clubs protected while also having a lightweight shell that is easier to carry for 18 holes. Amazon buyer Rob Not says it’s smart to use this Callaway model as a second golf bag when you decide to walk the course instead of riding.

This golf bag only weighs 1.25kg, which means you won’t wear out your shoulder carrying this golf club bag, according to Worldwide Golf Shops buyer Sunday golfer. You can use a padded one or two strap carry handle with this Callaway Golf club bag.

The Hyper-Lite 1+ Golf Bag includes a flip up stand that will keep your bag off the ground. This is an especially nice feature if you’re playing early in the morning when the grass is still heavily dewy. The material used in the bag resists absorbing water if you decide not to use the built-in stand.

Unlike many slim, pencil-style golf bags, the Callaway Hyper-Lite 1+ offers three dividing sections that extend the entire length of the bag, ensuring your club handles don’t get tangled in the bag.

You can carry a limited number of clubs for an executive course with this Callaway best golf club bag, or you can take a nearly complete set of clubs when playing a standard course. However, Amazon buyer BB McGee says that carrying more than eight clubs is challenging with the Hyper-Lite 1+ Carry Golf Bag due to its small size.


 It weighs less than 2 Kg; its lightweight design makes it work well for golfers walking the course; it will work with a one or two strap handle to give you maximum comfort.


You may have a hard time carrying a full set of clubs due to their small size, expensive for a pencil style golf bag.

3. Bronze Medal: Titleist


The best valued medium golf club bag

The Titleist Mid size golf club bag will help you look like a pro and keep your clubs in order.

When you want to look like a pro while playing golf, using a staff-style golf bag is the best option. It’s a huge bag that easily fits your entire set of clubs and looks great while you’re at it.

The bags are large, have great manufacturer logos, and make it look like you are a low handicap player. The best staff bag is the Titleist Mid-Size Staff Golf Bag.

Such a bag is considered a top-of-the-line golf club bag, as its design is aimed at the professional player. Who, of course, has a caddy to carry his handbag? Steve, the Amazon buyer, says that carrying a bag that matches that of his favorite pro gamer is a charming feeling.

With Titleist being one of the best golf club bag brands for all kinds of high-end golf equipment, you know that you will receive one of the best golf club bags available anywhere with the Titleist mid-size staff golf bag.

Due to this Titleist bag’s large size, many amateur golfers who do not have access to a caddy will choose to use it with a riding cart, although you can certainly carry it if you are planning to walk the course.

We recommend not fully loading it the first few times you play just so you can feel its weight before filling it with all your clubs. The Medium Titleist bag weighs about 4 kg before putting any clubs or other equipment in it. That weight adds up quickly over 18 holes.

Amazon buyer Alajacket says carrying the bag may be a bit too much, but the Titleist staff bag looks excellent in a stroller.

The Titleist Mid-Size Staff golf club bag consists of highly durable materials, including double-zippered pockets, resulting in a golf bag that is the right choice because it will last, according to Hitting the Golf Ball. However, with only one club divided into six parts, you may not be able to organize your clubs precisely the way you want.


 Excellent quality of materials, the best golf club bag will last a long time, it can be carried or fit well in a stroller, the style and size mimic the golf bags that professionals use, it offers numerous pockets.


Very expensive for a golf bag, probably too heavy to carry when walking the course for some golfers.

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The Golf Cart-Bag

The extendable holder on the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Golf Bag makes it an ideal bag for golfers walking or in a stroller.

When you’re done riding your bike, you’ll know that the best way to extend its life is to use the stand. Keeping the motorcycle off the ground ensures that it stays drier and cleaner. The same principle applies to your golf club bag. If you are transporting the bag, putting it on the ground, where it is continuously exposed to moisture and dirt, could shorten its life.

Therefore, you may want to consider a support bag, which uses a support-like device to keep the bag off the ground. The stand also holds the bag at a vertical angle, making it easy to find the clubs you want. The best golf club bag is the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS Stand Golf Bag.

Stand bags occasionally frustrate golfers, as some models are too small to hold all the clubs you want to carry, while others end up being too big and bulky. But the 5.5 LS Stand bag has found the right combination of capacity and weight, which means it is a great model for those who want to walk the field.

This Sun Mountain is the best golf club bag uses an X-style strap, making it comfortable to wear for those who prefer to hike the course.

It also fits on a riding cart, making the Sun Mountain 5.5 bag the right choice as a hybrid bag for walking or riding.

In one of the Sun Mountain bags, it is easier to find the stick right after using the support. However, Amazon buyer Samuel says the large, hard plastic cap will dig into your back as you walk.

You will appreciate the large number of Sun Mountain pockets included in the 5.5 LS bag, including three waterproof pockets and a velvet-lined pocket to prevent scratches on your smartphone screen.


Good build quality and durability, extendable stand that keeps your bag off the ground and keeps it cleaner, X-style strap make it more comfortable to carry, fits a riding cart very well.


The challenging plastic area at the top can dig into your back while carrying this bag, more decadent than many golf club bags.

Best Golf Club Bag Buying Guide

Types of the best golf club bags

Begin your search by finding out which type of golf bag best suits your needs. Here are some tips from Global Golf, Plugged in Golf, TGW, and Golf Lot.

Trolley: A trolley bag has a sturdy base and a sturdy top made of hard plastic that allows it to sit upright nicely. These bags fit perfectly in a riding cart or a pull cart. However, the hard materials on the top and bottom can make these the best golf club bags uncomfortable to carry while walking.

Pencil: A pencil-style golf bag, also called a carry bag, is a small, light, and thin bag that is easy to transport. These bags fit in a cart but are made to be carried. They won’t have as many pockets as other bag styles or the ability to easily carry a full set of clubs, but they’re perfect for use in an executive course.

Staff: A staff bag, also called a travel bag, is the most enormous golf bag out there, offering a similar appearance to a professional golfer. A staff bag is heavy but has a large, padded strap to be carried a bit more comfortably. This golf bag type will last a long time as it is made up of the best materials. It is also the most expensive.

Standing: A golf bag is made for golfers who walk. This style of the bag contains one or two posts that you can extend by hand – almost like a kickstand on a bike – so when you’re standing on a shot and trying to select a club, the bag sits upright at a slight angle, making it easy to choose the correct club. The stand also lifts the bag off the wet floor, keeping it cleaner.

What to look for in a golf bag?

Golf bags do more than just carry your golf clubs. Different bags offer features and parts to make your round of golf more enjoyable … unless you quad bogey that 14 holes again. No bag of golf clubs, no matter how good, can overcome that constant nightmare.

Spacers: The spacers on the top of the best golf club bag will keep your clubs organized and limit the number of times they collide with each other. Some golf club bags have only a few dividers, while others have a dozen or more divisions. The divisions in a less expensive bag will only be on top of the best golf club bag, while the more expensive units will have dividers that will run the length of the bag, preventing the handles of your golf clubs from tangling.

Hooks: You can display the bag labels of the courses you’ve played on or attach a couple of towels when your golf bag has multiple hooks.

Materials: Golf bags can consist of materials like nylon, plastic, and leather. You will receive a longer shelf life with a leather bag than with a nylon bag, but the leather weighs more. And the more hard plastic a golf bag contains, the less comfortable it will be to carry, as the hard plastic bounces off your back and shoulder.

Pockets: All modern golf club bags have at least a few storage pockets, and some may have as many as 10. Heavy-duty zippered pockets work better than Velcro pockets, although having a pair of Velcro pockets isn’t too bad for quick access. Some bags are insulated to keep drinks cold, while others may have a soft, padded interior to hold a smartphone without scratching the screen.

Strap: Some bags have a double strap, so you can carry it across both shoulders, which is more comfortable than a single strap. Some straps have more padding than others, which makes the bag more comfortable to carry.

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