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What are the best golf drivers of all time? Every year, the big brands renew their drivers’ design, whether by adding aesthetic novelties, using the latest technology in their manufacture, changes in their aerodynamics, in the balance of weights. Whatever the innovation, something is always repeated: that his suit is the best.

However, we all know that this is impossible. Although it is a league where all the models on the market compete at the highest level, individual differences should be considered, especially when you are willing to spend one more what a reasonable amount of money.

To solve all these doubts, in this article, we show you an analysis of the best golf drivers of all time 2020-2021, highlighting their main characteristics, their design innovations, as well as their performance in the field, so that you can choose the most suitable model for your style of game.

Top 5 best golf drivers of all time 2020-2021

1. TaylorMade SiM / SiM Max


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One of the best golf drivers of all time 2020, the new TaylorMade SiM driver has replaced the famous M5 and M6 models widely used by some of the world’s best gamers. SiM stands for “Shape in Motion,” which translates into an asymmetric design to reduce the drag caused by aerodynamics in the last phase of the shot to maximize clubhead speed just before hitting the moment impact.

The raised crown is focused on considerably reducing that drag that often arises when descending with the club to hit the ball. Simultaneously, the inertia generator helps the center of gravity remain low and at the back of the head, favoring the impact force and ball exit.

The injected turning speed is one of the qualities that remain, but a design difference between the M Series and the new SiM, which contributes to better performance, is the new ultralight chrome carbon crown and the stripe front white.

2. Callaway Mavrik / Mavrik Sub Zero


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Callaway’s big bet for this year. Replacing the 2018 Rogue range comes Mavrik, which benefits from Callaway’s next-generation Flash Face designed by a supercomputer.

Thanks to its design developed through Artificial Intelligence, the acoustics and the driver’s face have been considerably improved to such a point of complexity that Callaway has decided to use FS2S titanium, a reliable and light exotic material.

Among its main features, it stands out that, thanks to the Jailbreak technology and the T2C Carbon Triaxial Crown, the ball’s flight speed is highly favored in each hit.

Callaway has also been created within the Mavrik range, the Sub Zero, and the Mavrik Max. The Mavrik Sub Zero is smaller and does not have an unusual head shape, but it offers a lower ball spin and has two adjustable weight controllers.

The Mavrik Max is perfect for players who require a little “help” to correct their slice. Its design has greater inertia in the blow and interchangeable weights of 2 and 14 grams. Without a doubt, a self-explanatory option among the best golf drivers of all time 2020.

3. Mizuno ST200


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We cannot ignore the Mizuno ST200 range, the great bet of the Japanese brand presented at the beginning of this year.

A candidate to be one of the best drivers of 2020 offers little ball spin in flight and is easy to hit decent shots to the most inexperienced players or with an irregular swing.

It is a highly stable driver, designed around a strong multi-thickness forged titanium face, ensuring that its characteristics do not deteriorate over time. The compacted Wave outsole allows the ball to perform little spin in flight and more excellent stability, while the 11.6 g counterweight. Further enhances the slight twist by maximizing the ease of hitting.

The ST200G also features two twin 7g weights. It is located on two outer rails that can be adjusted to increase the weight movement’s effectiveness for medium, low or ultra-low ball spin.

For its part, the lighter ST200X allows you to hit shots with higher ball elevation and is specifically designed to work together with the MFUSION 39g shaft, ideal for players with low swing speeds.

4. Cobra King Speed Zone


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Once again, Cobra has conceived a driver influenced by fast cars. After the resounding success of the F9, the American brand has decided to go further with the Cobra King Speed Zone. With a design that combines power with speed.

The energy you get thanks to its expensive »CNC Infinity Milled» and translates into a more consistent flight and with more distance. For its part, speed comes from an optimized finish and aerodynamics, including a raised front and rear apron, which maximizes clubhead speed by reducing drag.

Depending on tastes, players have two models to choose from, one with a yellow finish and the other white, as well as a variant, the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme, a model that favors the realization of right shots to players with less experience or less skilled, thanks to an additional fixed weight of 17 g.

5. Ping G410 Plus


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Finally, among the best golf drivers of all time 2020, we find the G410 Plus, the first Ping driver to have a mobile weight. The head of the club has a 16 g tungsten piece located at the back of the club, which can be moved from the tip to the joint with the shaft, allowing you to add 9 meters of fade or draw in each hit without compromising the club’s ability to deliver an acceptable impact.

A significant difference compared to its previous model, the G400, is the introduction of Dragonfly technology to save weight, which has allowed it to move from the top of the head towards the inside. To increase speed, the face is subject to a forging and heat treatment process in process.

Along with the G410 Plus, Ping has also released an LST version, designed both to achieve high inertia on hit and low ball spin in flight.

Best Golf Drivers of all time 2020-2021: More Distance With Precision

Whether you buy golf drivers online, at the pro shop, or through a suitable fitting, the latest technology will always be the best option for your long game! No golf club exemplifies that more than the new golf drivers that have come out for 2020-2021. We have tested 12 of them, and here we leave you a review so that you can know them.

Below you will find all the best golf driver models with their detailed information on each one, including featured technology, what type of players it is designed for, and where they can buy them.

6. Bridgestone Tour B JGR

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  • Price: $ 399
  • Lofts: 9.5˚, 10.5˚, 11.5˚
  • Rods: Wide variety of premium models.

The Tour B JGR golf driver features Bridgestone‘s new Power Mill face design. This innovative design effectively prolongs the time the ball is in contact with the clubface, resulting in less spin on the ball (and straighter shots). A new crown design with internal and external channels allows for greater flexibility on impact.

The results? Higher ball speeds and higher impact angles. Brackets at the rear add stiffness to the club for more excellent power transfer, further increasing speed. The Tour B JGR driver also features an internal weight of 25 grams and an external weight of 8 grams to promote a slight draw effect for those who struggle against the slice.

Recommendations: The best golf driver for players with medium and high handicaps who want a higher ball trajectory, less spin, and a little help to end the slice.

7. Callaway Epic Speed Driver 2021

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  • Price: $ 530
  • Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚
  • Rods: Project X EvenFlow Green 55, Project X HZRDUS Black Smoke 60 or 70

The use of “Flash” in the name of Callaway‘s new flagship driver is not just a marketing term for the “Epic II.” This driver uses state-of-the-art technology to increase ball speed developed with a supercomputer powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Engineers programmed the computer to work outside the limits of typical face geometry, in which the center is often thicker than the perimeter, as a means of optimizing speed. Unlike traditional golf drivers, the Flash features a “non-intuitive” thickness pattern made up of subtle ripples that flow from the heel of the driver’s face to the tip.

Other impressive features include JailBreak technology; Which stiffens the club head for increased face flexibility and speed. It also has a new triaxial carbon crown for more significant weight savings and higher MOI. Callaway’s new driver also allows you to adjust the perimeter weights (with a slider weight of 16 grams) to customize the ball’s trajectory. We’ve tried it, and it goes a long way!

Recommendations: Without a doubt, one of the star drivers of 2021. It can adapt to almost any type of player looking for a complete driver that offers exceptional ball speed.

8. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

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  • Price: $ 530
  • Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚
  • Rods: Project X Even Flow Green 50, Project X HZRDUS Black Smoke 60 and 70, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 60 and 70

For gamers who want all the Epic Flash driver’s innovations but with a lower ball spin, the Sub Zero is the perfect driver! The combination of Flash variable face thickness technology, engineered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Jailbreak technology for more face flexibility and ball speed, generate plenty of distance.

This driver is ideal for golfers with more incredible speed and spins on the ball, despite being less forgiving than the standard model. Adjustable weight weighs 12g (instead of 16g on the standard Epic Flash) for added customization.

Recommendations: Aimed at players who want all the benefits of the standard Epic Flash but with less spin of the ball.

9. Cleveland Launcher HB

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  • Price: $ 210
  • Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚
  • Rod: Miyazaki

Known worldwide for creating some of the best wedges in golf, Cleveland Golf has created one of the longest and most accurate drivers in recent years. The Cleveland Launcher HB comes equipped with a handful of new technologies, including an ultra-light (non-adjustable) hosel to optimize weights and a Flex-Fin sole design that works in combination with a HiBore crown to maximize the compression of the ball on impact. This allows for a higher ball trajectory and lowers spin for maximum distance. Technology aside, the Launcher HB’s design looks very fast.

Recommendations: A complete driver can work for people with a medium or high handicap and those who want a higher ball speed.

10. Cobra King F9

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  • Price: $ 449
  • Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚
  • Rods: Project X HZRDUS Smoke 60 and 65, Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 6 and Black 7, UST Helium 50

The aerodynamic design of the Diver Cobra KING F9 is, without doubt, the fastest in the world of golf. The Cobra F9 comes with a new carbon SPEEDBACK crown, a low center of gravity (CG), and a CNC face insert that combined make the Cobra F9 the fastest driver to date. The center of gravity and custom trajectory is done through MyLoft (with adjustable weights on the face) and the MYFLY 8 hosel.

Recommendations: An impressive driver that provides a lot of ball speed and distance with incredible forgiveness. Players of all levels can play it.

11. Mizuno ST 190

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  • Price: $ 400
  • Lofts: 9.5˚, 10.5˚
  • Rods: Fujikura Atmos Blue, Atmos Red, Atmos Black

Mizuno‘s most advanced golf driver to date, the ST 190, is aimed at any player who wants easy impact and loads of ball speed. Mizuno’s new driver is built with a forged SP700 titanium face that is approximately 10% stronger than traditional titanium.

The ST 190 produces a COR (Coefficient of Restitution) and a superior level distance. The new lighter carbon crown saves some weight for a lower center of gravity and improved impact. This spectacular driver also carries a 6g rear weight that improves off-center hits for straighter shots.

Recommendations: Mizuno’s longest (and perhaps best) driver can be played by anyone who demands a combination of super high ball speed and lots of forgiveness.

12. Mizuno ST 190G

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  • Price: $ 500
  • Lofts: 9˚
  • Rods: Fujikura Atmos Blue, Atmos Red, Atmos Black

If you like the ST 190 but want more adjustability and lower spin, the 190G is the Mizuno golf driver for you! With the same design features as the 190, the 190G comes with a dual-track system in the sole that contains two adjustable 7g weights. Varying the weights can reduce ball spin by up to 200 rpm, and they can also set to help produce a draw or fade effect.

Recommendations: Aimed at hitting players who want to reduce spin and improve workability.

13. TaylorMade M5

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  • Price: $ 549
  • Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚
  • Rods: Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60, Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70

TaylorMade builds each M5 with a face capable of producing ball speeds that exceed USGA rules. He then injects resin into the ports in the heel and toe areas of the club to push them to the legal limit.

Through this technique, each M5 is a guarantee to provide maximum speed on impact. The face of the TaylorMade M5 is 20% thinner than the previous M3 driver, providing a 66% larger sweet spot.

TwistFace technology continues to play a prominent role in enhancing hits hit off the center of the face. To adjust the center of gravity of the face, the new TaylorMade M5 has a T-Track that allows for easy customization.

Recommendations: It provides impressive results and is an excellent option for any player. Get the maximum speed and distance with greater forgiveness and feel.

14. TaylorMade M6

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  • Price: $ 499
  • Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚
  • Rods: Fujikura Atmos Orange 5 and Black 6

The impressive technology used in the M5 is also present in the M6 (a little cheaper, but without T-Track). The M6 features a shallow and deep center of gravity location due to the weight savings achieved thanks to a new carbon fiber crown and outsole, making an impact even more comfortable than the previous M4. The M6 also comes in a D-Type version to finish off the slice, which helps create a slight draw effect.

Recommendations: Great choice for any player. It offers maximum performance even without so much adjustability.

15. Titleist TS2

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  • Price: $ 499
  • Lofts: 8.5˚, 9.5˚, 10.5˚, 11.5˚ Arms
  • Rods: Kuro Kage Black 50, Tensei AV Blue 55, HZRDUS Smoke Black 60, Even Flow White 65

The TS2 is Titleist’s most advanced driver to date. A fast aerodynamic design that took two years to perfect is the highlight, as is an ultra-thin titanium crown, new SureFit Hosel, variable thickness face, and adjustable weights. The new Titleist TS2 driver has a 460cc head that helps achieve a higher trajectory and a lower ball spin.

Recommendations: A very valid option for both Tour professionals and amateur players.

16. Titleist TS3

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  • Price: $ 499
  • Lofts: 8.5˚, 9.5˚, 10.5˚ Arms
  • Rods: Kuro Kage Black 50, Tensei AV Blue 55, HZRDUS Smoke Black 60, Even Flow White 65

The Titleist TS3 driver has all the features of the TS2, speed, impact, spin, adjustability… But the best thing about the TS3 is that it is also very forgiving, which makes it a smart option for golfers to hit it away with maximum control.

Recommendations: Preferably for higher-level players and higher swing speeds who want better control and custom fit. At the same time as great forgiveness in bad shots.

Elements to consider before buying your driver

It is always advisable to be aware of a series of data before deciding to buy a specific driver model:

Know the materials with which it is made

Both the head and the driver’s shaft can be made of various materials, which affects the price’s performance. The cheapest models (most) are usually made of steel, while the more expensive ones can include titanium and graphite rods, which increases their price.

However, a class of hybrid drivers combines steel and titanium, whose price is somewhere between the most expensive and the cheapest. In any case, if your pocket allows it, you should choose the most suitable driver for your needs; the difference it will have in your game will be decisive.

The bigger the better

If you are a player with many years behind you, you will have noticed that the drivers’ heads have grown in recent decades. The reason: to increase the so-called “sweet spot,” that is, to improve the area of the face in which, when hitting the ball, you get a good hit as a result.

The steelheads are often larger than those of their predecessor’s wood. Still, titanium is even more significant to be a lighter material than steel, offering a sweet spot even more excellent.

In any case, the selection depends on your skill; players with a high handicap prefer that the face is as large as possible (the risk of a bad shot is reduced), while the more experienced usually choose drivers with smaller faces (because being more accurate, it allows to concentrate the blow in a smaller area, favoring more power).


The “loft” is the angle formed by the clubface’s inclination concerning the shaft, or the same, the club’s degrees. The choice will directly affect the height the ball reaches in each stroke. Usually, the higher the ball’s flight height, the greater the distance traveled.

If your problem has to do with closing the ball too much on each shot, it is advisable to use a driver with a high or increased loft. However, for those players who tend to cause a large spin of the ball, to reduce it, it may be advisable to choose a driver with less angulation, but at the cost of reducing the distance reached a bit.


An essential element when choosing a driver, or any other stick model, is the shaft. Every player must be aware of the degree of stiffness and length they need. Less experienced players generally have problems with their swing’s speed and strength, so a shaft that is as flexible as possible is convenient.

As for the length, the average is usually around 110 cm. (or 44 inches), but the longer the shaft, the more distance you can go, at the risk of losing some precision with each shot.

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