The best golf rangefinders of 2020-2021

Best Golf Range finders in 2022 [Buying Guide]

The best golf rangefinders laser gives any player the maximum precision of the location of the flag. And that is why many golfers prefer them to simpler GPS watches and other portable units. Distance measuring devices have become a big part of the modern game. This is why GPS watches and wearable devices are accessories that most golfers could not live without.

By definition, a laser rangefinder is an optical device that measures distances. Doing this sends a beam of light to a target and returns to its starting point. It is incredibly accurate for golf, even better than a GPS watch, allowing you to tailor your next shot strategy. At the end of this article, you can see our guide to buying the most suitable golf rangefinder.

The golf laser rangefinder vs. GPS device

A golf GPS watch doesn’t do, and a rangefinder shows distance when a tree is blocking the green. Or the meters from a grove on the opposite side of the street. This happens because if the satellite signal does not reach the device correctly, it will not show the distance or not do it well. That’s where a laser takes a significant advantage over GPS.

So if you are more of a single device, a GPS rangefinder is ideal. However, if you are hell-bent on becoming a good golfer, a golf laser may be more enjoyable. And if you like data, GPS can offer you much more additional information.

Although there is a wide range of cheap and multifunction laser meters, here, we will only consider devices dedicated to golf. Our ranking of the six golf rangefinder models represents a better purchase option for any enthusiastic golfer.

Top 6 golf rangefinders

6. Bozily BL-X3 Golf Rangefinder

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The Bozily BL-X3 is an effective and inexpensive golf rangefinder with slope adjustment and flag lock among its functions. Its ergonomic design and good finish make Bozily the ideal companion on any field and suitable for tournaments.

It features 6X magnification, 1,905m measurement, auto power-off, JOLT vibration, water and fog-resistant, and scan mode support. More information in Bozily

Rechargeable laser golf rangefinder with slope adjustment

The BL-X3 golf rangefinder uses the latest technology, making it as accurate and flexible as other higher-priced devices. It provides the actual measurement with an accuracy of less than 1 meter, which quickly finds the distance to flags or hazards.

It even has a diopter adjustment feature to provide a clearer view. That means that if you are nearsighted or farsighted, you can adjust it to see the object you are measuring using fast measurement technology.

It has two scanning modes. The first is without slope but with flag lock and JOLT technology. This provides a warning vibration when finding the target and is the legal mode for tournaments. For its part, slope mode provides the golfer with a compensated distance based on the hole’s slope. This way, you will never fall short on the hit—a good value for money.

General characteristics

  • ○ Net weight: 178 g
  •  ○ Dimensions: 107X74X42 mm
  •  ○ Water-resistant.
  •  ○ Battery: CR2-3V 900mAH
  •  ○ Includes USB cable, carrying case, cleaning cloth, user manual, lanyard, and carabiner.
  •  ○ Objective lens: 25mm
  •  ○ Ocular lens: 16mm
  •  ○ Laser type: 905nm
  •  ○ 6x magnification
  •  ○ Comfortable and easy to manipulate with JOLT technology.

5. Nikon COOLSHOT 20 GII

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Small and accurate measurements. When you say Nikon, you can’t help but think of the cameras that made it a leader in the optics industry. But aside from cameras and other optical products, Nikon has also penetrated the best golf rangefinder market.

The Coolshot 20 is touted as the smallest ever made available to restless golfers. Nikon Coolshot 20 measures just 91 x 73 x 37mm, making it a golf gauge that you can easily fit in your pocket.

Long-range and precise measurements

To keep the rangefinder from running out of power in the middle of a round of golf, the Nikon Coolshot 20 automatically turns off if you haven’t used it for eight to ten seconds. The Nikon Coolshot 20’s small size, which is its biggest asset, can also become its biggest drawback. The stability and ease of focus can be affected if the dominant handshakes every time you hold it.

However, with a range of 5 to 730 m, it provides excellent distance viewing in 1 m intervals. Furthermore, it allows the possibility to choose between a single measurement or continuous measurement for up to 8 seconds. And the excellent quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating provides sharp and bright images. The first target priority algorithm measures the distance to the closest of the overlapping subjects. That’s why it’s easy to get an accurate reading up to the flag, even with trees behind. See more on Nikon.

4. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

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Bushnell guarantees that the V4 laser has only half a meter of error between 5 and more than 400 meters. The Bushnell V4 has taken all the best features of the brand and packed them into one product.

This makes it one of the best golf rangefinders on the market. It is the preferred laser for many golfers on Tours in various parts of the world.

But it also offers the easiest and fastest pin search technology on the market. It provides 5x magnification, which means it will help you easily choose the flag from a distance.

A high-quality golf laser rangefinder

Thanks to its PinSeeker technology with JOLT, it vibrates to confirm it’s fixed on the flag. This makes this rangefinder possibly the easiest to use on the market. On the other hand, slope compensation calculates and adjusts distances based on the degree of unevenness. You also have the option to turn the slope on and off so that your rangefinder is compatible with any tournament.

The Bushnell Tour V4 carries a 3-volt CR-2 lithium battery, which is recommended to be changed every 12 months. This means it can last more than 40 rounds, but how often it is used will depend. And to help you save, the appliance shuts down quickly when not in use. It is also waterproof and comes with a 2-year warranty. See more at Bushnell.

General characteristics

  • ○ Legal for tournaments, just by deactivating the slope compensation option.
  •  ○ PinSeeker with JOLT technology.
  •  ○ Accuracy of less than 1 meter.
  •  ○ Range of 5-910 m. and more than 365 meters to the flag.
  •  ○ 5x magnification.
  •  ○ Quick focus system.
  •  ○ 2-year warranty.

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3. Nikon Coolshot Pro

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For its value for money, it is a great golf rangefinder option. It features durable housing, slope technology that can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch, and a solid accuracy rating.

What stands out about this meter is the stabilizing feature, especially when combined with the locking brackets.

Although these factors may not seem decisive, they make Nikon competitive and user-friendly. And it is that both characteristics must be taken into account in any laser.

Simple and easy to use

The Coolshot Pro features the vibration reduction stability of the Coolshot 80 in a more streamlined design. It works by protecting the unit against vibration or shaking from the human hand. It is not a complete correction, but it should improve accuracy by about 20%.

The Locked On Technology feature means that overlapping lenses are never a problem. If there is a tree behind the green, for example, the green circle confirms the objective. So you don’t have to guess the flag or get dubious readings. It also has waterproof, fog-proof housing, which will keep sensitive parts safe from the elements.

Meanwhile, ID Technology calculates the incline and grade to show you an adjusted distance to the quality. So in the case of that annoying par three downhill, with the big bunker in front of the green, knowing the slope will make the shot easier. More information at Nikon

2. Garmin Approach Z80

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If you are looking for a golf rangefinder and GPS, then the Garmin Approach Z80 is for you. This incredible device combines the two technologies of laser distance meter and GPS.

The result is that it gives you the distance to the flagstick, the front, and the back of the green. It also provides a visual image on the left of your screen that shows how far into the green the flag is.

Garmin boasts that this rangefinder promises unmatched accuracy with less than 12 inches of error to the flag from within 320 meters.

A golf rangefinder with GPS

Offers full-color 2-D CourseView mapping in the viewfinder for over 41,000 courses worldwide. It also includes the slope function and a host of other technology options to help you on the golf course. Overall, this meter has superior technology.

However, the price is a drawback. Yes, it may cost less than a separate GPS watch and rangefinder, but not by much. And Garmin has yet to resolve some additional issues with software updates.

Innovative and with excellent graphics

It also updates the database at least twice a year and even has field request and manual indexing options. To sum up, the Garmin Approach Z80 is a great device and probably the future of golf rangefinders. If you don’t want to decide between a golf laser or a GPS watch, consider it. And if you are an enthusiastic golf player but still have a long way to go, it will also work for you.

The distances to the flag, front, and rear combined will help your strategy a lot. On the downside, it is expensive and requires some additional maintenance, mainly software updates. And this means that it will have to be changed frequently. See more at Garmin.

1. Bushnell Pro X2

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If you are serious about golf, the Bushnell Pro X2 is for you. It offers cutting-edge technology along with durability, usability, and better aesthetics than its competitors.

This is why Bushnell rangefinders manage to top the best meter and value categories year after year. They are generally the best golf lasers. However, no product is perfect.

The Bushnell Pro X2 is a durable and robust unit with a metal casing. This makes a big difference compared to many other more typical plastic rangefinders in golf.

A laser meter with all the high-end features

The Pro X2 is also fully waterproof, so you can play in the rain if that’s the case. With dual display technology, Bushnell has added an in-display color option that allows the sight colors and numbers to be changed to ensure they contrast with the target.

On the other hand, the Pinseeker with JOLT produces a vibration when the rangefinder points to the flag. This is a great help when meaning to a flag in front of trees, so you don’t end up choosing the wrong target. With the slope compensation function, the unit considers the slope of the hole and adjusts the measurement. Without the adjustments, you would be short on uphill or downhill shots. And via Slope Switch, you can turn the slope on and off to ensure you can use it in an official tournament. See more at Bushnell.

Golf Range finder Buying Guide

Golf rangefinders can be used to optimize your practice and help you score lower on the golf course. Many golfers overlook the use of distance measuring devices in practice. However, a good golf rangefinder allows you to master your shot, calculate your club distances, and provide more detailed data about your game.

First, a rough guess is required if you want to know the distance to some trees on the far side, for example. Or how far you are from a threatening bunker off the tee. In this case, the golf rangefinders won’t give you a perfect number, but it may not be that important.

After that is when an excellent golf laser meter comes into play, a precise distance to the flag is paramount.

How to choose the most suitable golf laser range finder?

All laser meters work the same way. They project a beam of light and measure the time it takes to return to the receiver. This is a surprisingly accurate way of measuring distance, thanks to the constant speed of light. To choose your rangefinder correctly, you need to know what this golf accessory can do, and for this, you have to review its characteristics and functions.

Ease of use of golf rangefinders

If you’ve never used one of these before, it may take around to get used to using it. Two components require a bit of work.

For one thing, some models work better by placing the eye in the optics. Others require your vision to be a small distance apart. This varies a bit between models, but all of the golf rangefinders shown here are very easy to use.

Second, holding the device with one or two hands and setting the lens may not be that simple. But move the crosshair on the scope around the flagpole, and it will lock onto the target.

Slope function

The slope function is used to measure any elevation change between your position and the target. This slope estimates the actual distance to a point and space the shot should be. And it applies to uphill and downhill play.

This feature can be helpful when you are practicing or playing a tournament. But remember that this feature is not allowed in most competitions. However, many rangefinders have a setting to disable the slope function.

Target finder

Most of the current models can separate the objects in the background from the closest ones. The technology is designed to allow the device to effectively differentiate flags and pins from other things on the green.

Brands often have different names for these functions. When the closest target has been locked on the screen, some models will give a visual, vibrating, or sound signal. This is a feature that tends to increase with the cost.

The scan mode is also available on most models. It allows you to obtain the targets’ distance while holding the laser and scanning through the landscape. This is useful when trying to locate targets like bunkers or trees from the tee. However, it is less valuable when you approach the green.

Lens magnification and accuracy

No rangefinder is entirely accurate. The standard level of precision varies from half a meter to a couple of meters. If you find one with more than 3 meters of accuracy, you shouldn’t buy it.

The laser meters will vary in magnification from the monocular. In general, the best is between 5X and 7X. Higher magnification levels allow you to target more quickly. As such, high-magnification devices are more comfortable to use, as they can reach a target faster and more effectively.

Golf rangefinder dimensions

All rangefinders are designed to be used with one hand. But it may be that using both hands can help you keep the device more stable. For this, you will need a somewhat larger machine, but it will be heavier. Consider balancing size with weight to get the best fit for your needs.


This refers to the ability to get readings clearly on the screen. Many of the best models have excellent clarity. And some stand out, like the Bushnell V4, which offers the option to change the numeric display from black to red, helpful when there is a lot of sunlight. Or the Garmin Z80 with excellent graphics.

Battery duration

Most rangefinders need a new battery every 6 to 12 months. This mainly depends on how many rounds you play per week, the time between plays, and the weather conditions. Other devices work with rechargeable batteries like the Garmin, an important detail when buying a golf laser.

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