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20 Best Golf Travel Bags of 2022

Traveling with golf clubs can be a trial, but having the clubs with you at the other end of the journey is worth it. The best golf travel bags can make the whole process much more comfortable and protect your clubs no matter how you travel.

The top-rated 20 golf travel bags:


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  • Dimensions: (approximate) 128cm x 34cm x 31cm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg

Golf Travel Bag, Waterproof Sports Golf Bag Travel Bag

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  • Durable and durable nylon fabric can be used multiple times.
  • It is effortless to hold a golf ball and a tee—a great gift for golfers.
  • It is very convenient to open and close the bag with a buckle design. It has zippered pockets to protect valuables.
  • This golf travel case can be used when flying on a plane, at the airport, or for added protection in the trunk of your car.
  • Lightweight, great for travel, a great gift for golfers.


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  • Lightweight, ideal for travel
  • Two zippered pockets
  • mesh pocket for accessories
  • Tee holder

Killagolf Tees Free – Golf Travel Bag

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  • Pencil carrying bag with padded top for extra stick protection | The upper part (upper protection of the clubs) can be easily folded to the side during the round | Stable design with fixed tube – Space for minimum 6-8 rackets
  • Shoulder strap + hand strap for easy carrying. Rigid plastic inner tube
  • 5 inches in diameter | one front pocket for balls and accessories
  • Ideal travel and vacation bag or beginner bag for up to 8 rackets. Also, woods and drivers have space with the protective cover closed
  • Waterproof and washable outer material | Closed height 124 cm or with open blade protection 87 cm | Weight only 1130 grams | Free 1 pack of Killagolf tees in each bag

Amazon Basics Golf Carry Bag with Flexible Sides

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  • Bag with flexible sides to comfortably carry a set of golf clubs (not included).
  • Made of durable nylon fabric, it is reinforced at stress points and stands upright when it contains a set of clubs.
  • Smooth gliding inline skates type wheels; sturdy rails; well-placed rivet handles.
  • Compression straps keep clubs secure, while the padded top section protects club heads.
  • Multiple zippered pockets to store extra gear. It measures 127 x 33 x 38 cm.

Tourbon Waterproof Canvas Golf Course Carrying Bag

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  • The golf bag is made of high-quality canvas and leather.
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort and a comfortable handle on the side for quick pick-up and go
  • Pockets for balls, jerseys, divot tools, or anything else you may need during your round
  • Highly padded on top to protect club heads
  • Dimension: 35 “X 7.87” X 3.94 “Weight: 1.47kg

ORETG45 Golf Club Carrier Bag Portable Magic Label

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  • Adjustable strap, easy to carry.
  • Material: Made of nylon, very durable and lightweight.
  • With a magic sticker, it can hold 3-4 golf clubs.
  • Color: available in blue, black, pink.
  • Perfect for a quick trip to the driving range.

TOURBON Lightweight Duffel Golf Club Travel Bag for Men and Women

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  • Tourbon golf club storage organizer made of high-quality canvas and leather
  • With adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Thick padded lining, five tees holders
  • Zippered pocket for golf accessories
  • Dimensions: 90 x 10 x 17 cm. Weight: 0.85 kg.

Carrying bag and stand bag

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  • Pencil bag/carry bag with padded top for extra club protection | The upper part (upper protection of the clubs) can be easily folded to the side during the round | Stable design with fixed tube – Space for minimum 6-8 rackets
  • Double legs with easy folding mechanism (automatic folding when lifting the bag) and padded carrying system for the shoulder. Fixed plastic base so that the bag remains secure even without legs (see example black and brown image)
  • 10 cm in diameter | two way | a large front pocket for balls, etc. + a side pocket for accessories
  • Ideal travel and vacation bag or beginner bag for up to 8 rackets. Also, woods and drivers have space with the protective cover closed
  • Waterproof and washable outer material (more than individual materials, please see detailed product description further down this article page). Closed height: 125 cm or with 90 cm open blade protection. Weight of only 1800 grams

VIPII Premium – Travel Case on Wheels

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  • MacGregor Golf Club Travel Bag with Durable Nylon Fabric for Maximum Protection of Your Clubs on the Go
  • This travel bag cover has additional padding around the top of the bag to provide extra protection to golf club heads during transport.
  • This golf club travel case has an internal anti-explosion support strap and three sturdy external straps to ensure your clubs are fully protected.
  • The travel case has a large external storage pocket for convenient and roomy accessory storage along with a double-sided zipper with lockable zippers for added security, providing the perfect golf travel bag for all occasions.
  • The travel case can hold drivers up to 49 feet, and with durable inline skate wheels, it is easy and convenient to handle and transport your clubs.

TOURBON Waterproof Golf Club Carrying Travel Bag

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  • Tourbon golf carry bag Made of High-Quality Fabric and Leather
  • Padded strap for mayor comfort and a comfortable handle on the side for quick pick up and go
  • Pockets for balls, tees, divot tools, OR ANYTHING else you may need during your round
  • Obvious padding to protect a hundred heads of the club
  • Dimsion: 33. 07 “x 7. 48” x 4. 72 “Weight: 1 27kg

Amazon Basics Large Duffel Sports / Travel Bag

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  • Composition: 100% nylon.
  • It has three zippered pockets on the front, as well as three zippered pockets on the back.
  • Includes shoulder strap (removable).
  • Interior zippered pocket for small items.
  • Size: 82.5 x 17.2 x 29.2 cm.

PGM Padded Golf Bag Travel Case with Wheels

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  • Very durable, waterproof 600d nylon construction.
  • Inline wheels for easy rolling.
  • Thicker padded top to protect club heads.
  • You can store the complete set of golf clubs and your shirts, golf shoes, gloves, caps, accessories, etc.
  • There is a transparent window to tidy up your name card to identify your bag.

LONGRIDGE BATCRDN – Travel Golf Bag Cover

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  • Shoulder strap.
  • Multi-point carry handle.
  • Removable accessory panel for logo.
  • Top and sides with extra padding.
  • Name card holder.

Nylon Golf Training Practice Golf Bag Golf Carry Bag Travel

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY – The golf travel bag is made of premium quality nylon material; it can protect the bag from scratches and abrasions.
  • FEATURE: With padded handle and zippered accessory pockets. Adjustable and removable nylon shoulder strap, improved zipper direction for easy access.
  • FINE HANDLING – Advanced smooth zipper design can be used multiple times. Fabrics are reinforced in high-wear areas to increase durability.
  • ENOUGH SPACE: Size: Approx.49.6×10.6×4.7inch. Large capacity, enough space to accommodate sticks, keys, etc.
  • SUIT FOR Ideal for travel, easy to pack and store. Perfect for beginners, youth, and golf lovers.

TOURBON Lightweight Duffel Golf Club Bag with Shoulder Strap

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  • Leather handle support.
  • With clip hook and shoulder belt, easy to carry.
  • It is easy to do with 2 – 5 golf clubs.
  • Perfect for a quick trip to the driving field.
  • Dimensions: 35 x 22.5 cm. Weight: 0.3 kg.

Sunday Golf Bag Men, And Women Golf Travel Bags

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  • 1. High-Quality Material: Made of high-quality waterproof nylon fabric, resistant to wear and tear, the golf bag is waterproof; it can prevent any liquid infiltration and thicken the inside to protect your clubs better. The firm structure must guarantee its service life.
  • 2. Club Management Design – The golf bag has enough storage space to accommodate 4-5 standard golf clubs easily. You can place the sticks according to your habits, convenient for your daily training and practice.
  • 3. Multifunctional Storage Bag: The golf bag is equipped with a small storage bag, which can place golf balls, gloves, towels, cards, and daily golf needs to meet your outdoor practice needs.
  • 4. Portable golf bag: a comfortable shoulder strap can bring more comfort, a large force area, lighten the load, a comfortable handle, it can be carried easily and quickly, the bag is light, and the bag weighs only 1 kg
  • 5. Stable base: strong, wear-resistant, and non-slip rubber base, more stable placement, thicker inside, better club protection. Its compact structure takes up only a small space in the trunk of a caravan or car, which is very suitable for traveling, and you can easily place it where you need it.

Vbest life Golf Travel Bag

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY – The bag is made of nylon, waterproof and lightweight. Fabrics are reinforced in high-wear areas to increase durability.
  • REMOVABLE STRAP: Adjustable and removable nylon shoulder strap, improved zipper direction for easy access.
  • ENOUGH CAPACITY: Universal size 49.6×10.6×4.7 inches, fits all the needs of everyday life. Enough space to store your clubs, keys, etc.
  • FEATURE – Sturdy enough to protect your golf clubs on the go. Advanced soft zipper design can be used multiple times; Quality wheels make your ride more comfortable and convenient.
  • GOLFER BAG – Ideal for travel, easy to pack and store, Perfect for beginners, youth, and golf lovers.

Tourbon Men’s and Women’s Lightweight Golf Club Carry Bag

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  • Tourbon Golf Club Storage Organizer made of high-quality canvas and leather.
  • With adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
  • Thick padded lining and five t-shirt holders.
  • Zippered pocket for golf accessory storage
  • Dimensions: 90 x 10 x 17 cm. Weight: 0.8 kg.

Tourbon Leather Lightweight Golf Club Bags Travel Case

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  • Tourbon golf bag in high-quality canvas and leather.
  • one main pocket, four zippered pockets, golf tee holder and umbrella holder, adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Very padded on the top to protect the club heads.
  • Dimensions: 87 x 26 x 15 cm. Weight: 1.85 kg.

Best Golf Travel Bag Buying Guide

Suppose you’ve ever felt your heart clench seeing your clubs bouncing off the luggage carousel or heard horror stories about airlines refusing to reimburse someone for the full cost of a custom-made broken club. In that case, you already know the importance of getting the right travel bag for your clubs.

These golf travel bags can be hard or soft and vary in material, padding, and design. Golf travel bags should be designed to meet your needs and those of your golf clubs. Our buying guide will help you through the essentials so you can find the right case to take your game anywhere.

Key considerations

Traveling with your golf club in tow can be a stressful experience. One of the most important things to consider is the way you travel.


If you are traveling by sea, you can bring your golf travel bag aboard the ship yourself. Cruise lines often make special exceptions for a long list of sports equipment, including golf clubs. As long as you don’t use them on the ship, you are free to take them on board and store them in your room. In that case, any one of these moderately decent golf travel bags would suffice, as you won’t have to worry about conveyor belts.


§ Car: If you are traveling by car, soft golf travel bags should suit your needs. You could put your golf club in the trunk of the car, on top of other luggage, so they don’t get damaged. A little extra padding is advised in case of sudden stops. Alternatively, you can tie them in the back seat with the seat belts.

§ Bus: This is where it starts to get a bit risky. The luggage porters on the buses are often the bus drivers themselves. It is not uncommon for you to be allowed to carry your luggage yourself if you wish. However, there will be other bags and suitcases in the cargo areas, and people who load your luggage after you may not realize how easy it is to break a golf club. If this is your way of traveling, consider a hard suitcase with a lot of padding.

§ Train: the same logic applies if you travel by Train. Porters and baggage handlers aren’t in a rush, and luggage isn’t always thrown away at will, but you should still consider a well-padded briefcase for your clubs. You could even consider a tough briefcase if you don’t mind the cost.

§ Plane: if you travel by Plane and don’t have a travel bag for your clubs, you are looking for trouble. Luggage can be subject to many bumps and bruises, and if a well-padded hard case does not protect your clubs, they may not survive.

Main features


§ Compact Travel Bags – Compact golf travel bags are typically made from solid acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, which is prized for its impact resistance and toughness. Some varieties retain their strength at high temperatures. Golf travel bags made of ABS may not be bulletproof, but they are very close to being. Other hard boxes are made of polyethylene, which is similar to ABS in most respects but with more flexibility. The idea here is that a box with a small amount of elasticity will bend before it snaps or breaks.

§ Soft Travel Bags – Golf travel bags with soft exteriors typically use polyester Oxford cloth of varying degrees of hardness, along with foam padding to protect your clubs. The material will provide excellent protection against compressive forces but much less against side impact forces than ABS or polyethylene.


§ Two wheels: the golf bags are heavy by design, must be to protect your clubs. Add in your clubs’ weight and the fact that you carry your suitcase on your shoulder, and it becomes an endurance exercise on those long walks from the parking lot. Most soft golf travel bags have two wheels and a handle to be pulled like a suitcase.

§ Four Wheels – Golf travel bags often go one step further and have four wheels, each of which rotates 360 degrees. This means that the case will stand upright on the wheels by itself and be pushed instead of pulled if the occasion calls for it.


 Soft golf travel bags tend to have more padding than hard ones. Unfortunately, this leaves the clubs free to move around inside the hard case longer than you’d like, even with tight compression straps. Many hard boxes have foam padding to cushion your golf clubs, but if the padding is minimal, you should pack some shirts, towels, or other soft items in and around the clubs to keep them in place.

Lockout Locks

 Some golf travel bags, especially the hard cases, have lockbolts that allow the TSA to open them for random inspections. For maximum protection, this is an essential feature.

Identification window

 We are all familiar with the tags attached to our luggage, but golf travel bags include a window for business cards or other forms of identification to help you claim your luggage or retrieve it if it is lost. Not all manufacturers boast of this feature, so you may need to read a few reviews to determine if the suitcase you are considering includes an identification window.


While looking for a travel bag, consider purchasing other items to enhance your game and travel experience.

§ Golf Locker: When you need to organize all of your shoes, jerseys, shirts, gloves, and other accessories, this polyester trunk from Samsonite fits in perfectly. It comes in red, black, green, blue, and gray.

§ Travel Cover Holder: If your travel case doesn’t have a telescopic cover to protect your head from golf clubs, this from Bag Boy is the one for you. It extends the golf clubs’ length like a tent pole to support the end of the travel case so that the club heads are not damaged by something falling into the matter.

§ Golf Rangefinder: When you need to know the distance to the green, you can find it quickly and easily with this golf rangefinder from TecTecTec. It’s lightweight and portable; it can accurately measure up to 540 yards.

§ Tees: This 135-length t-shirt bag from Pride Professional is a great option to keep your bag well-stocked wherever you go.


§ Cheap: Below 100 euros is the lowest price-range where you will find softboxes or small hard boxes with only enough space for four or five clubs. There are some exceptions to this rule, of course.

§ Mid-range: From € 100 to € 200, you will find various hard cases that will satisfy most travel needs. There are many features available in this range, so it’s essential to consider your options and what features you consider must-haves.

§ Expensive: above 200 dollars is the highest price of golf travel bags. This is where luxury golf travel bags are found. These cases are more of a fashion statement than a significant upgrade in protection.


§ Put extra material between your sticks before tightening the internal compression straps. This will protect them from rubbing each other too much.

§ You should always use a travel cover holder with soft covers if the model you buy does not include one.

§ Make sure your golf travel bag receives a “Fragile” sticker. If baggage handlers notice the sticker, they will be expected to treat your clubs with delicacy.

Other products we consider

If our top recommendations don’t meet your needs, we found a few other products during our research that may work well for you. For a reliable mid-range case, we like the Forgan Golf Hard Side Travel Case & Cover. It is TSA approved, which means it meets all the requirements for air travel. The rigid ABS plastic shell provides complete protection for your golf clubs when flying. It has four multi-directional wheels, stands upright, and has internal compression straps to keep everything in place.

We also like the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag. It’s made from a tough 600D Oxford polyester fabric to protect your clubs on the go. It has two wheels for easy transport through airline terminals and plenty of room inside for your bag and clubs. The zipper design is robust, and it features an identification window to help identify your luggage, a velcro handle, and additional storage pockets.

Frequent questions

Q. Do the golf travel bags guarantee that my clubs are not damaged?

A. No, it improves the chances that they are not damaged, but nothing guarantees it.

Q. Are golf travel bags heavier than soft bags?

A. You might think so, but at least one of the cases we saw weighs less than 1.3 kilos. In most cases, hard golf travel bags can be expected to be somewhat heavier.

Q. Do the key locks come with the golf travel bags?

A. Only if they are incorporated. Otherwise, you will have to buy a lock separately.

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