7 best golf wedges for mid-handicappers

7 Best Golf Wedges For Mid-Handicappers 2022

Our guide to the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers will help you find a suitable model for your game. The short game is the curse or blessing of any golfer. In any game, the result of a hole usually depends on our approaches and chips to the green. For this reason, perhaps we should start giving more importance to our wedges.

If you are looking to improve your game from 100 meters to the green, the first thing to ask yourself is what clubs you use. Ensuring that you have the best models on the market in your bag is a guarantee of success. For this reason, we have decided to present to you which are the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers of 2021, to make that choice easier for you.

However, we do not recommend that you choose just any club. On this page, we favor consumers making their decisions well informed, knowing what their needs are, what differences exist between some brands and others, between the different models, angles, Bounce, Grind, manufacturing materials, etc.

Top Best Golf Wedges For Mid-Handicappers Of 2021

Callaway Jaws MD 5

Callaway Jaws MD 5
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Callaway’s latest contribution to the world of wedges comes from its best designer, Roger Cleveland. Its latest creation, the Jaws MD5, conceived to be more “aggressive” than previous models in the family, offers an excellent command of the blows as well as an enviable ability to perform and control the spin of the ball. Available in up to 23 different variations and finishes in Platinum Chrome and Tour Gray.


  • Designed by legendary Callaway chief designer Roger Cleveland.
  • Elegant appearance, with beautiful finishes and touch, thanks to its manufacture with 8620 carbon steel.
  • It has a smooth, satisfying touch that no other wedge can match.
  • The head shape progresses from traditional lob wedge and sand wedge to a compact design preferred by players in gap wedge and pitching wedge to smooth transition to a set of irons.
  • Possibility of finding the model that perfectly suits our needs thanks to the massive variety of Grind and different angles.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Wedge For Mid-Handicappers

Titleist Vokey SM8
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Designed by Titleist, on the new Vokey SM8, they have decided to shift the center of gravity towards the front of the head to help forgive more irregular blows. Thanks to its heat treatments, the practical and durable club have a classic and elegant design that does not disappoint any player.


  • Improved distance and trajectory control thanks to the forward shift of the center of gravity and the use of high-density tungsten, producing a higher MOI (resistance of the face to twist when hitting the ball).
  • Significant increase and improvement of the sensation and the stability in each hit.
  • The wedge family includes various grinds and different angles, offering the flexibility and versatility to cover any hit and spin.
  • The grooves are heat-treated in the impact area to increase their durability, resulting in maximum spin and ball control.

Cleveland CBX-2 Golf Wedge For Mid-Handicappers

Cleveland CBX-2
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Wedge conceived by the Cleveland brand to “forgive” our worst blows thanks to the peculiarities of its design, based on a release of weight at the rear of the head that frees the center of gravity and moves it towards the tip, creating an incredible feeling of stability in every hit.


  • It incorporates hollow cavities that, together with the weight concentrated on the tip of the head, maximize MOI, maximizing forgiveness, the ability of the club to make good shots in the short game.
  • Different types of Grind depending on the face’s angulation, thanks to which the wedge’s usefulness is increased and to execute any blow.
  • Thanks to the Feel Balancing technology that improves and corrects the club’s center of gravity and the TPU Gelback insert that minimizes vibration, an incredible sensation is achieved with every hit.
  • Rotex technology makes the face grooves extremely sharp, providing greater control of the short game and excellent spin.

TaylorMade Milled Grind

TaylorMade Milled Grind
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Model designed by TaylorMade to provide extra sensation and spin to all your shots in the short game. The new position of its center of gravity and TPU elements’ inclusion minimize vibration, giving the club unprecedented control. Due to its design, the face tends to rust, but the rest of the finishes will maintain their original appearance for a long time.


  • This model uses advanced surface milling techniques in its manufacture to guarantee a precise sole geometry at the highest level of quality and superior front edges and grooves on the clubface.
  • The manufacturing process is done with excellent and durable 8620 carbon steel.
  • Repositioning the center of gravity that, together with the new TPU systems, achieves magnificent control with minimal vibration.
  • Among the main novelties, it incorporates a new and improved configuration of the face grooves.
  • It’s the wedge used by some of the great players on the professional circuit, like Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm.

TaylorMade Milled Grind Big Foot

TaylorMade Milled Grind Big Foot
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Also designed by TaylorMade, the High-Toe highlight is the three trapezoidal cavities located in the sole that optimize weight distribution and help improve the overall feel. It is a wedge that has excellent contact with the grass, and that also manages to raise the ball less in exchange for more spin and control thanks to its center of gravity located in the center of the head. Its copper finish is ideal for the players who use this type of club the most, making it more resistant to inclement weather.


  • Thanks to its High-Toe design, the center of gravity is more centered, which reduces the impact force in each shot in exchange for facilitating a more excellent spin of the ball without counteracting the versatility around the greens.
  • Above the Grind, the lower part of the head has three external cavities that provide balance and optimize weight distribution.
  • It includes integral lines in the Grind to guarantee the consistency of the ball’s impact even in the hits from the rough.
  • Its design allows better sliding and reduces grass and sand resistance in the bunkers, maximizing contact.
  • It is one of the wedges also used by Jon Rahm.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedge For Mid-Handicappers

Wilson Staff Model
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The new version of the Wilson Staff Model, manufactured from 8620 carbon steel, has resulted in a wedge characterized by its design precision, which includes the highest quality clubface grooves, excellent contact, and control of the ball. The club family also has a High-Toe variant made from 431 stainless steel.


  • Thanks to the grooves printed on the clubface, better contact and improved control of the ball and spin effects are achieved.
  • Forged from strong and durable 8620 carbon steel.
  • Delivers consistent ball flight and precise hits with an ultra-smooth feel on impact.
  • The innovative design, in which the head is made of carbon steel, facilitates making softer and more comfortable shots around the green.
  • The stick has a total length of 90.8 cm.

Cleveland RTX-4

Cleveland RTX-4
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The RTX-4 is a club belonging to the veteran Cleveland family of wedges that surprises its incredible ability to forgive blows. It is a model that offers a classic look without neglecting effectiveness and good performance. In short, it is the ideal wedge for those players who are looking above all for a club that provides them with versatility and spin control.


  • Design with premium finishes that provides a classy, elegant look and the performance that golfers demand.
  • 4th generation Rotex facial technology that, thanks to a laser milling system, guarantees excellent and very durable grooves on the club’s face.
  • The design responds to that of a wedge with which to entirely control the effects and spin, to have a precise and controlled game at all times.
  • Balance technology that progressively adjusts the center of gravity, improving the feeling and control of the hits’ distance.

How To Choose A Golf Wedge?

Wedges are a key family of clubs in any golfer’s bag. Did you know that around a quarter of the hits that are made in a game are made with them? On many occasions, a good hit with a wedge can save the hole and even give us joy in the form of a birdie or eagle.

But how do I know if I am choosing a good wedge? This is why many players ask themselves every year when it comes to renewing their equipment or only looking to add one more member to the bag.

The question could not be more complicated: any hobbyist who goes to a store comes across dozens of brands, models, manufacturing materials, and different angles that pose a very complicated buyer decision. In terms of clubs, the solution to this problem would always come from the hand of a test, going to the field with a handful of clubs, and trying each of the models. However, given the number of possibilities, trying each of them is practically impossible.

Being aware of the difficulty that such a decision entails, we have decided to summarize the keys to choosing a perfect wedge to save you time and make a choice easier.

Wedge Classes

Based on the fact that we are facing a family of clubs designed to make direct hits to the green, in order of angulation, from less to more degrees, wedges are usually classified as follows:

  • Pitching Wedges: Always present in the clubs’ bag, its inclination usually oscillates between 44 and 48º.
  • Gap Wedges: Designed to fill the gap or gap between the PW and the SW. Its angulation is usually between 50 to 53º.
  • Sand Wedges: Also ubiquitous, as the name suggests, it was designed to come out of bunkers. However, his versatility has earned him a spot in hitting from the fairway or rough—the inclination from 54 to 58º.
  • Lob Wedges: Type with more angulation, between 60 and 64º. They are handy for hitting very high and spinning shots, either from the bunker or out of it.


Keys To Choosing A Good Wedges

The tilt of the face

The pitch is the angle of the face of the wedge. It is determined by placing the clubhead on the ground, and by drawing an imaginary vertical line, the rise created between it and the face of the wedge is calculated. At an upward angle, the more inclined, that is, the higher the degree, the higher the ball’s elevation at the expense of less distance. Instead, as the club’s degrees are reduced, the balls fly further but at a lower height.


When we talk about the Bounce,we refer to the set of elements and components of the lower part of the wedge head, the head’s role that comes into direct contact with the grass.

The variation in the Bounce angulation will determine whether or not the club is stuck and picks up on the ground at the moment of impact of the ballWhy is it essential to keep this in mind? Because when planning a shot, whether it comes out correctly as we intend it will largely depend on the Bounce we have, especially if it is an approach to the green or if what we are looking for is to give a special effect to the ball, that when he falls backspin, make a right exit from the bunker, etc.

As with clubface tilt, the Bounce is also classified according to its angulation, with three different classifications usually being given:

  • Low Bounce: ranges between 4 and 6º. It is present in wedges with less angulation, such as Pitching wedges, since it makes it easier to prevent the club from sticking on the ground and lifting the chop.
  • Medium bounce: between 7 and 10º. More versatile option thanks to its ability to adapt and be useful in many circumstances.
  • High Bounce: angulation above 10º. This is the case for most Sand Wedges and Lob Wedges. As in the image shown below, it does not come to rest on the grass. It is the ideal Bounce for bunker outings or approach shots to the green.


The vast majority of wedges come with a steel shank, except those that use graphite shafts.

In general, in terms of flexibility, wedges should use rods with the same flexibility as irons. In this way, the players have the certainty of maintaining the same consistency in the transmission of force in the hits.


However, it is worth remembering a rule that prevails in this sport, and that is that, as the club is smaller, the less critical flexibility is as a determining element of the blows. In wedges, the flex of the shaft is less necessary than in irons or woods.

The rod’s weight and length are other factors to consider since the more significant its weight and length, the greater the inertia and, therefore, the force of the blow. The average weight is around 130 grams (with a minimum of 85 grams), but it is not uncommon to see players who prefer to use lighter shafts to reduce force and make sure they do not hit too hard with the wedges.

For its part, the average length of the rod is around 95 centimeters, being the most advisable to have custom-made rods depending on each one’s height and swing.


The Grindis the sole of the clubhead, the same part that determines the angle of the Bounce when calculated concerning the ground surface. It is essential to consider these two elements together, as altering the Grind changes the Bounce angulation.

Finding that altering the shape of this part of the head significantly changed the blow, the manufacturers decided to experiment and design wedges with different grind shapes. But what exactly is it for? It serves to achieve a particular way of hitting the ball or to respond in a specific way when coming into contact with the grass.

In short, the Grind serves to condition our blows so that they respond to contact with the ground in a specific way and are carried out in a particular way. The following image clearly shows the differences between one model to another.


Manufacturing and Finishes

As with irons, wedges are made using a casting or forging process. Cast models tend to be more durable over the long term. Finally, at the end of the manufacturing process, the stick is usually given a finish, giving it its final appearance. Various materials and metals are used, such as chrome, nickel, dark colors, copper, oxidized finishes, etc.

7 best golf wedges for mid-handicappers

The difference between some finishes and others affects how well the wedge will resist the passage of time (in the case of those made with chrome and nickel, they maintain the original color without wear for a longer time).

In any case, and as a final piece of advice, we suggest that, since it is an aspect that does not affect the club’s quality or performance, do not give it too many laps, the choice is nothing more than an aesthetic choice, purely personal. Choose the model that seems most beautiful, and that’s it.

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