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Volvik Golf Balls Reviews


8 Best Volvik Golf Balls Reviews

There are many best volvik golf balls on the market. Volvik golf balls are attracting all the attention of the golf world, and it is not only for the obvious reason of their striking and unique colors that they make their balls with but because of the excellent performance they offer on the field today. more than ever with its new 2020 range. 

The company surprised all its users with a total of eight different colors, in different designs such as glossy, fluorescent, or matte; There is no doubt that the colored Volvik balls aesthetically stand out from any well-known brand on the market.

Choose the best volvik golf balls for you

Volvik has shown us that it is more than innovation and technology, with its new line of balls launched in the current year (2020), the color is ideal for your type of game.

It is impressive how this company has managed to cover the entire range of players available in the world of golf, with the development of Volvik balls of ideal colors for the new generations in training to balls for the best world champions. 

Volvik has a specific design for each one. Learn more about their impressive range of balls below, see the features they offer you and choose the one that best suits your game.

1. One Of The Best Volvik Golf Ball Are- Volvik S4

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We started the tour, and we could not stop doing it with the amazing S4, ideal for experienced players with great speed in their swing. This golf ball gives you a straight tee-off and control-based performance. 

Technological Specifications 

  • 95 – 120, driver speed.
  • Soft on impact.
  • Allows straight, fade, and draw pitches.
  • High trajectory. 
  • Spin high.  In the short game, he runs little.

Performance on the field of play 

  • It has a softshell, but heavy at the moment of impact because it is designed with a more stable core.
  • It allows reaching longer and higher distances due to its increased ball speed.
  • It performs its flight path in a very stable way, reaching a greater distance due to its increased taxiing.
  • Thanks to its dual cover and dual-core technology, shots are more precise.
  • It hits very smoothly and has “Tour Pro” control thanks to its high spin and an outer urethane cover. 

2. Volvik Golf BallVolvik S3

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We continue with its S3 line, volvik colored balls seek to meet the needs of players with a medium or advanced level, their main characteristic is their high level of precision and extreme softness at the moment of impact. 

Technological Specifications 

  • 85 – 105, driver speed. 
  • Very soft to the blow.
  • Allows straight, fade, and draw pitches.
  • Medium-high trajectory.
  • Spin high 
  • In the short game, he runs little. 

Performance on the field of play 

  • Thanks to its manufacturing materials, the impact sensation is soft, it has a bismuth core, which is highly elastic and allows it to have an optimal take-off angle.
  • It takes longer to land which translates into longer flight time.
  • When landing, it travels more distance due to its increased roll. 
  • It has an optimal spin range and extreme precision. 
  • On the green area, it offers smooth hitting and “Tour Pro” control

3. Volvik Golf BallVIVID XT

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Ideal for intermediate or advanced golfer, with an elegant matte finish, the VIVID XT line offers you extreme power and distance. 

Technological Specifications 

  • Driver speed above 100.
  • Soft on impact.
  • Specialized in straight shots.
  • High trajectory.
  • Low spin with a drive.
  • High spin with a wedge.

Performance on the field of play

  • Reduced wind resistance thanks to its matte finish.
  • Thanks to its Dual Core technology, it has an improved distance.
  • Better visibility in the air and in the field thanks to its VIVID colors.
  • High pressure to the fairway and straight flight. 
  • When you take approach shots it gives you consistent precision with a high spin towards the green.

4. Volvik Golf Ball-VIVID SOFT

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Our tour continues with the VIVID SOFT model, which adapts to both intermediate and advanced level players, with this design Volvik presents the softest ball in its line thanks to its VU-X cover.

Technological Specifications 

  • 75 – 95, driver speed.
  • Ultra-soft on impact.
  • Straight paths, fade, and draw.
  • Medium height – tall.
  • Spin high.
  • In the short game, he runs little

Performance on the field of play

  • The softest on impact.
  • Perfect flight with medium-high trajectory. 
  • Thanks to its powerful spin it provides great precision.
  • Guaranteed stability and smooth putt.

5. Volvik Golf BallVolvik VIBE

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The VIBE line is special for players who seek to stand out in their game due to its softness and control, thanks to its flexible inner cover it will give you great distance and softness when hitting.

Technological Specifications 

  • 75 – 95, driver speed.
  • Ultra-soft to the blow.
  • Straight, fade, and draw.
  • Medium-high trajectory.
  • Spin high.
  • In the short game, he runs little.

Performance on the field of play 

  • It has the same overall performance as the VIVID SOFT line.

6. Volvik Golf Ball: VIVID

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Here we present the insignia that characterizes the Volvik company, with its VIVID line they revolutionized the golf industry, which made their fans and the public fall in love. They were the first with a matte finish in the world.

Technological Specifications

  • 70 – 90 in driver speed.
  • Medium soft on impact.
  • Straight shots.
  • Medium-high trajectory.
  • Medium-high spin. 
  • Run little.

Performance on the field of play

  • His track record is consistent.
  • Better visibility
  • If the flight is straight it will be more accurate.
  • When reaching a high spin, your precision will be extreme.

7. Volvik Golf Ball-VIVID LITE

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Basically, they are the same VIVID, but in its LITE version. They allow the player to achieve consistent flight and are lighter, which makes them fly even more.


They have the same technological specifications and in-game performance as the VIVID line, with the difference being one gram lighter.

8. Volvik Golf BallVolvik New Vivid

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The Volvik new vivid line would be the advertising and commercial version of the brand. With a cost below half the price of its best lines, it is the ideal version to give away in tournaments and surprise friends or players with its great performance. 

Technological Specifications 

  • 60 – 90, driver speed.
  • Extremely soft on impact.
  • Straight shots.
  • Medium-high trajectory. 
  • Low spin.
  • Excellent spin with a wedge.

Performance on the field of play 

  • Very soft on impact.
  • It offers great stability in flight while performing its trajectory.
  • Its precision improves in straight flights and very good spin with a wedge.
  • Excellent for the putter.

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Shopping guide

Now we will go on to explain in detail what golf balls are and what their main characteristics are. In this section you will also know what are the advantages of having them, what is their price and where to find them. In short, everything you need to know to be an expert on this product. Stay with us.

What are golf balls and what are their advantages?

Golf balls are a sports item used to play that sport. These balls measure 42.67 millimeters in diameter and weigh 45.93 grams, these measurements are those used for professional competitions, in case of not having the measurements, the ball is not valid to be used throughout the tournament.

The main advantage of golf balls is that they allow you to play golf. We know, the statement seems very simple, however, without this type of ball, it is impossible to play the sport. Think about this, casually you can play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more sports with similar balls, but golf requires these balls.

Also having your package of golf balls will help you transport them around the field without having to collect a ball for each hole, imagine what would happen if you went to the lake? Also having golf balls helps you improve your performance in sport simply by being able to practice anywhere.


  • Greater distance in each shot
  • Natural rotation on the green
  • They allow you to play golf properly


  • Impossible to recover from falling into lakes or ponds
  • Easily misplaced

Professional and fun balls – what should you pay attention to?

Golf balls are divided into two main types; those used for professional or semi-professional purposes and those that are used for pure fun with no intention of competing in any way. Depending on what type of player you are, you will have to buy one type or another, but before you do, we will present them to you.

Professional golf balls. Basically the most conventional, famous, and bought balls. These, as explained above, have to weigh 45.93 grams and measure 42.67 millimeters. Almost all have a simple design to give the ball more firmness during flight. Its use for practice or competition.

Golf balls for fun. There are also golf balls but for casual use and especially for fun. What do we mean? Sponge balls, rupture, explosive, nocturnal, elastic, to name a few. These balls when hit can both break and undergo changes. There are some fun ones for this guy.

How much do golf balls cost?

Golf balls are considered one of the cheap items in the golf kit. If you start to compare the price between balls and golf clubs, the difference is abysmal. That does not mean that you can find some of quite a high price, it all depends on the exclusivity of the model.

On the other hand, you will find the cheapest ones in a price range of 150 MXN to 250 MXN, these generally come in packages of 12 so each ball costs you between 15 and 20 pesos. On the other hand, the average price in which you will find this product is 400 MXN and the most expensive ones can exceed 3000 MXN.

Where to buy golf balls?

As for where you can get them, being a not very popular product, you may not find a great variety. But before tackling that topic, you should know that any online store like Amazon or eBay handles a wide variety of golf balls, just take a few minutes to search.

If you want to get out of your house and look for golf balls then we recommend you visit sports stores like Martí where you will surely find good options.

But if you prefer comfort and above all to save yourself the exit (with that traffic is a whole issue) then we highly recommend you go to the Amazon page or download the application on your mobile, search for “golf balls” and choose the model that suits you best. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options.

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of golf balls

Finally, we will explain what criteria and factors you should consider before buying your golf balls. Look at it this way, there are thousands of products but not all meet your needs, that is why you should be attentive to this information and take note, it can be the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase.

  1. Ball color
  2. Package type
  3. Technology included

Ball color

First of all, before buying your golf balls you need to see what color they are available in. Yes, this is more than just the aesthetics of the ball, it defines a lot the tracking of the trajectory. There are three types of color of the ball, those that are white, those that have a matte tone, and those that are phosphorescent.

White balls. Basic and classic, the sport of golf has always been played with balls of this color, however, you have to consider that when there are cloudy days they tend to get lost very easily when they rise after the first stroke, to such a degree that it is very likely that you lose the trajectory of your shot.

Matte tone balls. In addition to the white balls, you will also find these in a matte color of different shades, from blue and green to pink and orange. The difference with white balls is that they have better visibility from a distance and you will be able to identify your shooting path no matter what the day is like.

Phosphorescent balls. But what if you want to play with less light than usual or if it gets late and it starts to get dark. In this case, you can use the phosphorescent balls that will help you to distinguish the ball quickly and precisely. What’s more, many players prefer to occupy it during the day because of how easy it is to locate it.

Package type

How they are presented is another point that you need to consider before buying this product, due to the number of balls and how you can load them from one side to the other. The presentation generally comes in two types; networked and boxed. But what is the difference between the two?

Net. The net presentation includes a greater number of balls and also allows them to be transported from one side to the other in a simple way, just open it to insert the balls but get used to the idea that at least you will have space for 20 or even more. Of course, they will be more exposed to the sun and external materials.

Box. If you buy your golf balls in a box you will notice that the number of balls is reduced, they are generally designed for eight or twelve balls. However, this box is very useful to protect the balls and transport them anywhere.

Technology included

Finally and to finish this review, the technology that your golf balls include is a factor that you need to consider when you buy yours. Broadly speaking, two areas of the ball are worked on, first the acceleration it can obtain after a hit and, on the other hand, the rotation it has when hitting it on the green.

Acceleration in hitting. When you buy your balls, take a good look at what aspects are developed in your ball, if it is difficult for you to reach great distances after your first hit, then it will be convenient for you to get a model that prioritizes acceleration through the core or materials, this is specified in the presentation.

Rotation on the green. There are also balls that prioritize the way in which it is going to roll on the green, remember that this is the most sensitive area of ​​the field and where you require more precision. Having a ball with an emphasis on this point will help you improve your score. If you have a hard time hitting soft, they are perfect for you.

So now you know, the next time you go to play golf remember which balls are the best to buy, this so that you have the best possible performance. We say goodbye but not before inviting you to continue reading us. Happy shopping and see you next time!

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