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New Garmin Z82 Range finder

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Garmin presents the new Garmin Z82, the GPS laser measurement device created with the purpose of helping the golfer to reduce the handicaps that may arise on the field, offering him the maximum information of the situation of the course so that his shot is perfect. 

The new laser measurement device provides GPS tracking, shock measurement, obstacle view, image stabilizer, connectivity, real-time wind information, tournament mode, ergonomics, and user intuition

Honest Golfer Reviews: “The new Garmin Z82 adds even more depth and distance precision thus helping to sharpen the golfer’s game. It includes better optics, real-time wind speed, and direction displays, and improved range performance, which makes the device is a very useful tool for golfers of all levels, ” says Salvador Alcover, CEO of Garmin Iberia.

Control The Field At A Glance

With improved optics for sharper images and a viewfinder tailored for golfers who wear glasses, the laser gauge makes hitting easier for more precision and comfort in getting the distance to the hole on more than 41,000 golf courses around the world.

world, thanks to overlays of the full-color Course View map and on-screen view of the green in 2D. By simply pointing the flag, Garmin Z82 is able to automatically determine which hole the golfer is on and measure shooting distances, marking a laser range arc, from 25 cm to 411 meters.

In addition, to make finding the flag much easier, the device has an image stabilizer that will locate the flag and warn the player through vibration so that they can set the target well. 

These tools, together with the well-known Green View function, will allow you to know with greater security the position in the front, middle, and back of the green while having full control of the game.

There Will Be No Blow To Resist

Wind, unevenness, lack of visibility, or obstacles can affect the quality of the shot. However, with Garmin Z82 the golfer will not miss even the most difficult shots. Just by pairing the device to the Garmin Golf ™ app, the player can learn the wind speed and direction, helping him choose which club to use and which direction to point.

 With the PinPointer function, the player will be able to hit the best shot even on blind shots, thanks to the precise indications of direction to the flag.

In addition to this advantage, the new obstacle view function will allow players to identify obstacles along the hole, approach, and move to know more details and the front and rear distances of each hazard, thus facilitating, that they can achieve a better knock. 

Similarly, to cope with uneven terrain, with the Plays like Distance feature, users can adjust distances for uphill or downhill shots based on their elevation. 

For its part, the new Find my Garmin function will be the best ally for any oversight, since, in case of accidentally forgetting the device in the field, with this tool you can easily locate it.

Competition On And Off The Green


To stay focused during any tournament, the device allows disabling non-compliant functions for use in competition. The golfer will also be able to know if the device is configured in tournament mode through the indication of external red light. 

In addition, those more competitive players will be able to keep track of scores and rankings to keep track of their statistics and improvements by sharing their data in the Garmin Golf application

In this way, they will be able to enjoy the sport on and off the field, participating in tournaments and competing to be the best on the green with their friends and family.

Its great autonomy (up to 15 hours) makes it a perfect assistant to enjoy long days of play and competition without having to recharge it. And if you fall into the lake or the rain makes an appearance during a game, Garmin Z82 offers IPX7 water resistance.

The control of the elements of the course, the possibility of looking at the game from another perspective, and the improvement of the technique are the main benefits of the Garmin Z82, a device to enjoy to another level, each shot on the green.

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Passion And Technology For Golf

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What sets the Garmin Z82 apart from other rangefinders, including the Z80, are the extra court-related details available in the player’s peripheral vision. By combining GPS technology and Course View mapping, the 2-D image from the target is superimposed in the viewfinder at distances to obstacles and layups in the field. 

The image stabilization simplifies the search and measurement of the distance from the flag, with the extraordinary flag finder recognizes the shape and, once hooked, emits a warning vibration not present in the previous one. After centering the flag, the display automatically shows the detailed overlay image of the green and the relative front and back green distances.

Another important feature of the innovative rangefinder that differs from its predecessor is the improved optics that produces sharper images, and the superior viewfinder allows (even golfers who wear glasses) to see the full extent of the high-resolution OLED display resolution.

The Best Details For Every Shot


In the constant challenge to outdo themselves and go below par, the new Garmin Z82 scores a point in favor of the player. In fact, if connected with the free Garmin Golf app, it can display the direction and speed of the wind, which can be easily deactivated during a tournament, replacing a real caddy that recommends the best iron to use. 

In addition, with the new Hazard View feature, you can quickly scroll the map to view each obstacle and get information on the distance to the hole to know what to avoid.

The rangefinder offers innovative features that can be enabled or disabled, depending on the specific needs of the player. The Plays Like Distances feature provides distance data taking into account the differences in height on the course so that the player can choose the best club to tackle the hole. 

When the player is faced with a blind shot, the Pin Pointer function reveals the direction and distance from the center of the green.

Compatible with the new free Garmin Golf app, which allows users to compare themselves with other players on the weekly rankings of any course: it will be possible to challenge your friends and companions on the same course as well as view rankings, scores, handicaps of other golfers and much more. Plus, with the new Find My Garmin feature, your device automatically communicates its location to the app, so you can be tracked if needed.

In The Garmin Z82 Rangefinder The Hole Has No More Secrets

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Garmin Z82 rangefinder increases detail vision and distances on the golf course, making challenges more exciting

Garmin’s sports strategy is not limited to the development of smartwatches with dedicated features and functions. Where possible, with devices aimed at the single discipline. In golf, this translates to a rangefinder. Specifically, in the latest Garmin Z82 model.

Compact and naturally complete with GPS, Garmin Z82 is a laser rangefinder with which to calculate distances up to a maximum of 400 meters, advancing the limit of its predecessor by over a hundred meters.

Watch Out For Holes

In addition to this, however, there are several other innovations, starting from the route maps, visible directly in the viewfinder, in order to better evaluate the distances of the obstacles or the real confirmation of the greens.

Garmin Z82, however, wants to go further, displaying a series of additional details related to the playing field, available in the player’s peripheral vision.

By combining GPS technology and Course View mapping, the 2-D image displayed in the lens is superimposed on the distances to obstacles and layups in the field.

Image stabilization aids in finding and measuring the distance to the flag, while the flag finder recognizes the shape and emits a vibration when docked.

After centering the flag, the display automatically shows the detailed image superimposed on the green and the relative front and back green distances.

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