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Golf For Beginners: Do you want to play golf? | know to get started

Playing golf can seem very easy or very difficult. The truth is that it is not a complicated sport, but it requires knowing very well the basic conceptsrules of the game, tricks, what is the most appropriate clothing …So let’s start with the basic information you should know to start the path of becoming a true golf expert.

What is sport about?

In putting the balls in the holes, you will be thinking. Well yes, but it has its history. The ball must be introduced into each of the holes using different types of clubs depending on the distance and position, but making the least number of strokes possible

In a game, it is normal to play at least 18 consecutive holes. It is a good sport to keep in shape while having a very pleasant time with the other players.


A common course normally has 18 holes numbered consecutively and different from each other, although there may be fewer with a minimum of 9.

The holes are on the greens, they have a circular shape and are covered inside with a metal sheath. Inside them the lower end of the flag is placed. 

The tee is where golfers begin to play on each of the holes. Between the starting tee and the green is the space called fairway. The fairways have obstacles that make it difficult for the ball to reach the hole.

If you want to practice this sport, you will find public courts, in which you do not need to become a member and only pay for the track and private courts, in which you will have to become a subscriber to enjoy their services.


What do you need to start playing golf?

Basic knowledge

To begin with, it will be enough that you know the basic rules of golf and the types of shots.

The sticks 

To play golf you need a series of clubs (four ‘woods’ and ten irons) and each of them is for a different purpose. We quote woods because, despite being called that, they are not made of that material, but rather are made of titanium or steel.

Depending on the material, some distances or others are reached and are used for a specific function:

  • Woods, sticks for long distances to achieve the maximum power. They are used for the longest shots, such as the moment of leaving the tee, the start. They are the most complicated to learn to use, so patience takes time.
  • Iron, recommended for medium distance and total control, so it is advisable to use them in the most complicated situations, such as tall grass.
  • Wedges, for the shortest distances. Whenever you are closer to the green, we recommend using them, as well as to remove the ball from sand traps called bunkers.
  • Hybrids, the easiest to use: manageable and light, which try to improve the experience of the previous ones.
  • Putter, the club for the final star shots. With this club the ball is pushed towards the green. It is the club that has the most variety of models (be careful, it may take an hour to decide between all of us), you will hallucinate when you look for it! 

What we are recommend if your goal is to start or learn to play golf is to lend you a club, rent it, find a second-hand one… Any option that does not commit you to investing in a new one. So first you check if it is worth buying a brand new one, and you can only start with one.

Afterwards, you will already have many well-known and professional people who can advise you on which model to buy, since there are different types, measures and models and they have to be chosen based on your physical complexion.

Golf For Beginners: Do you want to play golf

The clothes

It will be enough for you to wear comfortable clothes. Of course, shoes and golf glove. But keep in mind that depending on the field or club you go to and the label it has, you may need to wear something specific. It is best that you inform yourself by phone or when you go to register.

The classes

It is always advisable to have a professional who can teach you the basic strokes, rules, tricks, terminology

Also, the professional enables you to obtain the handicap. This is one of the most characteristic elements of the sport, which applies to amateur players. The handicap consists of the advantage strokes that a player can have depending on their level of play, so that all the people on the field can play in the same tournament with equal conditions. In addition to the professional’s assessment of your national handicap, you must pass a simple exam on basic golf rules.

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