how to chip in golf for beginners

How To Chip In Golf For Beginners [The Ultimate Guide]

How to chip in golf?

Chipping or making a chip is a short approach shot to the hole of the hole whose main objective is to get the ball as close
as possible to the hole of the hole and, with a little dexterity, hole the ball.

Chip in golf is almost always done from the antigen or area around the green. The objective of chipping is to make the ball have a very short
flight and once it has reached the green, make a roll long enough to stay very close to the hole of the hole or even hole the golf ball from outside the green.

1.- Is there an ideal stick for chipping?

How to chip in golf?

Is the chipper the ideal stick for chipping? Definitely not, although I see many players who use the chipper on a regular basis. Personally, the chipper is a club that is very limited and is nothing more than a putter with a little more degree of loft.

If you want to improve your game, I do not recommend its use, but I recognize that for high handicap players it is a very useful club if they have problems in the short shots of approach to the flag (it is also very easy to use)

And there is no ideal stick for chipping because every time we face a chip hit the conditions (distance to the flag, disposition of the flag, the surface to be covered, falls, etc.) are different, which will require you to use one and the other suit depending on your experience. For this reason, the key to succeeding in a
chip hit is knowing how to do it with as many clubs as possible, in order to have the widest spectrum of possible conditions that may arise in an approach shot covered.

Therefore, being a good chipper begins with knowing how to do it with multiple irons, generally from the Sand Wedge to the 9 iron. Although it is not uncommon to see professionals who do it even with woods.

2.- Chipping technique

Since there is no “magic stick” to chip on all occasions, you will have to decide the optimal iron for the chip shot that you have to make, for the choice of it you must take into account two factors: the amount of distance that You have to hit the ball before it reaches the green and the amount of distance it has to roll once it lands on the green to get to your own flag. To achieve good chip shots, what does exist is a correct chipping shot, which can be summarized in these simple steps/tips:

1. The proper stance for chipping leads us to have our feet closer together than for a normal iron shot, placing the weight of the body on the left side (60 or 70% of the weight on the left foot). Regarding the ball, it must be in line with the right foot (ball behind at the height of the beginning of the right heel approximately)

2. A short golf swing must be made, so to speak as if it were a “long putt” and special attention must be paid to ensuring that the wrist does not break at any time. Don’t move your head to get a good swing.

3. At the moment of impact on the ball, the hands must go in front of the clubface to achieve a correct impact to our need to lift the ball and make it roll to the desired point. Complete the swing, do not finish it when you hit the ball.

Here are two videos where you can see how to make a chip shot, the first of them focus on getting a correct swing to chip with guarantees and the second video focuses on how to achieve chipping over long distances.

How to make long chips

3.- Tips to chip better

Why making a chip hit is not suffering, you have to work it until it is something that you are able to do naturally, and with all the irons (from the sand wedge to the 9 iron).

As a general rule, changing from one club to the next gives you an additional distance of just over a meter with each club, so performing the same swing will have different distances.

Once you are clear about where you have decided that the ball will initially bounce on the green, forget about the positions of the flag and execute the chip committed to your decision, just focus on the ball bouncing right at that point … the rolling it will do the rest of what you have planned.

It is not as complex a stroke as others, but it is necessary to give it the importance it deserves and practice it regularly.

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