How to choose the right golf clubs for me?

How To Choose The Right Golf Clubs

If you are a beginner you may still not be able to choose a good quality golf club. Therefore, in this article, you will find all the information about this tool, which allows you to execute different strokes and achieve the best result. In addition, we explain and compare different models so that you know how to choose the right golf clubs that best suits your needs.

The golf sticks

The golf club is an accessory that is used in this sport to hit the ball in order to introduce it into the hole. Its design is made up of three main parts: a rod (shaft), the handle (grip) that allows it to be handled, and in the lower part the head with which the ball is hit. There are different types of golf clubs, depending on the level of the practitioner, the number or size, and the material with which it is made.

The best golf clubs of 2021

The following have been selected as the best models on the market from among the different price ranges. Thus, if you have a tight budget, you will not have to give up playing this sport with a good set of clubs. Don’t miss them!

The best value for money

It is one of the most famous lines in golf and the chipper is perfect for the hard spots around the green. It has a revolutionary vertical seam grip with a slightly larger diameter for a more comfortable feel. Plus, it makes it easier to align your shots for greater precision.

The best high-end model

With this model you can control and optimize performance, with innovative technologies that promote speed. In addition, the shape of the head is aerodynamic and favors maximum speed. The minimal length allows for greater control, and the very fine steel striking surface is extremely flexible and transfers more energy to the ball.

The best cheap model

It is a stick with a simple design but that offers impressive results. Centralized pressure on the clubhead favors a more fluid action and a solid feel on impact. Excellent for those tight corners around the green.

Why buy a golf club?

If you are passionate about golf, it is important that you have the right equipment so that you can learn and develop your technique, swing, and other aspects, it does not matter if it is a Wilson, Callaway, Cleveland, Rising Star, Longridge or Nike club. Other reasons that justify the purchase of golf clubs are:

To practice golf whenever you want

To practice golf whenever you want

Acquiring the appropriate golf club will allow you to practice this sport whenever you want.

This without having to ask your teammates for an accessory that may be inappropriate for you (not everyone uses the same clubs), or that could cause injury or lower performance.

In addition, you can play golf whenever you want like a professional, no matter if you are still a beginner, so you will learn faster and be ready to leave your teammates speechless.

To improve your performance in sport

To improve your performance in sport

In order to improve your stroke in a short time, the first thing you should do is buy the most suitable golf club for you.

Although it sounds simple and easy, it is not. There is a wide variety of models and brands on the market, as well as many aspects that you will have to assess. If you buy a golf club that suits your needs and level of experience, you can have more control, precision, and distance when hitting the ball, which would considerably improve your performance in the sport. And if you get a golf rangefinder, your shots will improve a lot.

How to choose the right golf clubs for me?

Choosing a golf club is an important decision, but also a cumbersome one. There are many factors that must be taken into account to choose the one that suits our needs and allows us to improve our performance in the game.

Many times we go for the first model we see, without stopping to assess the different characteristics it presents. In the following buying guide, you will find all the aspects that you must take into account at the time of purchase.

The number

The number

The first aspect to consider when choosing golf clubs is numbering, which refers to the angle of the head. They are numbered 1 through 9 based on the loft angle, which determines the height and distance of the ball’s path.

The higher the number of the club, the higher the loft, which goes from 14 ° on 1 to 41 ° on 9. They are used mainly in approach shots for distances between 100 and 180 meters. The higher the number, the greater the incline, and the shorter the distance the ball will travel in the hit.

The size

The clubs differ to suit the power or height of the user. When buying golf clubs you should look for the right one for you, you cannot choose the one designed for a teenager or a child. You must take into account the length of the rod. The right size allows you to have better grip, control and coordination.

The material

The material

We can find on the market graphite or steel golf clubs, wood, titanium and alloys or hybrids. Graphite sticks provide more power on the hit, but you will have less control.

On the other hand, with the steel ones you will have more control, but being heavier it is essential to use more force. For example, the MacGregor Golf Men’s Complete Set includes stainless steel fairy wood and hybrid golf clubs with 21 and 24 lofts. Instead, the Callaway XR Speed is made of wood.

The weight

The weight

Another aspect that you should consider when buying golf clubs is the weight of the accessory because the balance of the swing will depend on this.

The lighter clubs allow you to achieve greater distance and height; For their part, the heavy ones give you greater control. The steel ones are heavier and can weigh more than 120 grams. Depending on their compatibility with other materials such as graphite, they are also available from 45 gr.

User level

User level

The purchase of golf clubs is also going to depend on the user’s experience level. As this sport progresses, clubs with more technology are being incorporated that allow you to increase your dexterity.

For example, the Ben Sayers XF Pro – Chipper Golf Club is ideal for beginners. On the other hand, for a more advanced level, we recommend the Wilson X31 men’s golf set for left-handers, with clubs and handles made of steel, graphite, and wood.

The type

The type

Knowing the golf club to buy is important because it will allow you to improve your performance.

Wooden clubs are used to move the ball over long distances; those of iron are more difficult to handle because they are heavier and are ideal for intermediate or approach shots, and the putter is used to drive the ball into the hole once it is on or near the green.

The different models of the golf club

There are different types of golf clubs, they differ in the type of stroke they make and the inclination of the head. We are going to know each one of them.

Wooden model

Wooden model

The wooden model is used for long distance shots.

Although they are called wood, they are made of graphite, titanium or steel.

We recommend driver golf clubs and fairway woods because they generate more power and less loft.

Iron model

Iron model

It is the most common model, they are used for intermediate shots of up to 180 meters, they are numbered from 1 to 9 depending on the loft angle.

They are ideal for getting out of sand traps or preventing the ball from rolling a lot on the green.

For example, the Precise Golf M5 set for men includes Iron SS 5PW models.

Hybrid model

Hybrid model

This is a very versatile model since you can achieve the distances provided by the wooden sticks (3 to 11) and the control of the iron sticks (2 and 3).

For example, the Wilson Complete Set for Beginners Stretch XL includes a 3 wood and a 5 hybrid.

Putter model

Putter model

It is the most accurate golf club model that allows you to hit the ball when you are on the green so that it enters the hole without exerting a lot of power.

Therefore, it is used to finish the hole with short distance shots.

With the putter, the ball does not lift off the ground, but rolls on the grass of the green.

How much does a golf club cost?

How much does a golf club cost?

Golf club prices vary depending on the brand, type of club, and whether it is a set or complete set.

The individual price is located in a range of 20 to 200 dollars; on the other hand, a set for beginners could be between 200 and 400 dollars. Among the high-end clubs we recommend: Wilson X31 men’s golf set for lefties, clubs with steel, graphite and wood handles for around 300 dollars; the Precise Golf M5 for men for around 250 dollars; and the Callaway XR Speed Wood Men’s and Women’s Golf Club for about 160 dollars.

There are also high-quality golf clubs at affordable prices or on sale, for example, the Wilson Chipper Harmonized for men for around 45 dollars; and the Ben Sayers XF Pro for about 26 dollars.

How to hold a golf club?

If you are starting out in the exciting world of golf and you want to know the correct technique to grasp the club in order to improve your performance, don’t worry. Follow these simple steps:

  • Place your dominant hand on the shaft and lift the golf club. In right-handed people, the dominant hand is the right, while in left-handed people it is the left.
  • The non-dominant hand places it on the grip (tape that wraps the fist of our golf club) so that the grip is on the palm of the hand. Close your hand around the stick and lower it.
  • Check that the thumb is parallel to the club in a downward direction.
  • Check that there is a couple of centimeters of separation between the base of the club and the hand.
  • Direct the dominant hand towards the grip, so that it is next to the non-dominant hand. The little finger of the dominant hand should be between the index finger and the middle finger of the non-dominant hand. The thumb should also be pointing downward.
  • We are ready to hit the ball. Now, you have to practice the movement.

How to clean a golf club?

The golf clubs must be in good condition, and maintained in the best possible way so that they work efficiently. How to clean them? Simple, follow these simple steps:

  • Place warm water with mild mild soap in a large bucket.
  • Put the golf clubs in the bucket, check that the water reaches the ends of the club. Ideally, just cover the heads. Leave them soaked for a period of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Remove the heads and clean them with a soft bristle brush starting from the face, then the back, to finish clean from top to bottom.
  • Rinse with cold water and use a dry towel to clean the stick.
  • Ready! We recommend that you do not keep them wet, wait for them to dry before putting them in their bag.

This procedure is not recommended for wooden golf clubs, in that case you should only wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dirt and then dry.

How many golf clubs are used to play?

This will depend on the situation. When it comes to tournaments, a player cannot carry more than 14 clubs in his golf bag. These will be selected by the player according to their characteristics. The normal thing is to choose three woods, (1, 3 and 5), a set of irons (from 3 to 9), a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter.

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