The 5 Best Electric Golf Carts That Will Carry Your Clubs Across the Course Without Disadvantages

The 5 Best Electric Golf Carts Reviews 2022

I love golf, but to be honest, I find it exceedingly annoying having to walk through 18 holes dragging heavy clubs, so I decided to solve it by looking for the best electric golf cart available on sale.

I have seen among the technological innovations some remote-controlled carts that are truly amazing, some are remote control and others have a programmable electrical operation, in any case, each option is a comfortable help in the game.

Some versions come with options for accessories and you can place umbrellas, mobile, keys and some even come with a drink holder.

Most of these devices use lithium or 12V batteries, although some come without a battery included and you will have to buy them separately, you must take this into account in your budget.

The important thing is that you select the equipment that is most convenient and least expensive for you.

Top best electric golf carts

  • ProKaddy S2G Electric Golf Cart.
  • GT-AR – Electric Golf Cart.
  • Airel Electric Golf Cart.
  • LONGRIDGE Large Electric Golf Cart.
  • Powerbug GT – Electric Golf Cart.
  •  Powerbug – Carrying bag for.
  • Powerbug GT Tour – Golf Cart.

What is the best electric golf cart?

Selecting the best depends on many factors, the preference is one, but the type of field where you play and your economic possibilities are options to consider when buying.

A good cart that carries your golf clubs must have forward positions that are easy for you to change, for left and right-handed people, but it must also consider other qualities that make life easier for you on the field.

A good way to know which one is best for you is with a comparison. Here you will have to look for the models available in the offer and analyze their qualities, price, manufacturer, uses quality, characteristics, reviewing each one you can get an idea.

The price is an essential element, these teams are not exactly low cost so you should look for something affordable that meets the requirements you need to facilitate your game. If you are still not sure maybe this list can help you.

Here are the 5 best electric golf carts:

1. X9 Follow Stewart Golf Electric Golf Cart

Behind you everywhere

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If you are one of those who love to go around the golf courses thinking about the next play of your favorite sport, but it bothers you to go around those green meadows with your clubs in tow, this is your golf cart.

The Stewart brand X9 is made to follow you everywhere with so-called “follow” technology, and it also has remote technology in all directions.

One of its strengths is that it has a braking system for descents and integrated stabilizers to guarantee and control stability. It comes with remote control and uses lithium batteries.

2. G5206 Ben Sayers Electric Golf Cart

With memory to program speeds

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Ben Sayers offers you this comfortable and practical trolley that will not only carry your clubs around the golf course but is also multipurpose and will allow you to carry loads of things, thanks to its accessories.

It has a 7-speed, 3-function remote control, uses a 12-volt lead-acid battery, and features a 200-watt motor that will tackle the steepest hills and intricate terrain.

It comes with a digital LED display with a battery status indicator and an automatic shutdown function to prevent shock or possible overcharging.

3. Charles Bentley Electric Golf Caddy

36 hole battery

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Made with an anodized aluminum structure, this small cart is easy to handle, with a T-shaped handlebar that allows easy handling.

After programming, this cart can stop automatically, it is the most powerful on the market. It has another one for the displacement of 10, 20, and 30 meters, also automatic.

It is of folding construction in two parts, which facilitates its storage and makes it completely portable equipment. It also includes three removable wheels.

It is a light but stable accessory that must be charged before use, a maximum of 10 or 8 hours.

4. Kenrod Zerimar Folding Electric Golf Cart

Simple and powerful

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With an electronic braking system, this aluminum trolley is the most recommended option if you need a sturdy piece of equipment that can comfortably carry your golf clubs all over the terrain.

It has 7 adjustable speeds, an automatic timer for certain distances, and a load capacity of 30 kilos. It runs at a maximum speed of 8 kilometers per hour so it is perfect for your movements.

Those who have it emphasize that it is very solid and takes up little storage space, both at home and in the trunk of the car. It is ergonomic and has a three-color LED digital display.

5. FW3i Powakaddy Electric Golf Cart

Powerful and quiet

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Finding a trolley that works for both left and right-handed people in a comfortable way and without changing position is a real challenge, with the FW3i model you have this quality at your disposal.

Made with high-performance, high-quality materials, and finishes, this metal cart features a large digital display with on / off buttons and a powerful, completely silent 200-watt motor.

It is compact, easy to fold, and comes with the latest generation lithium battery, less prone to rapid discharges. The manufacturer gives you a 2-year warranty on the product and 5 on the battery.

How does an electric golf cart work?

An electric golf cart is the equivalent of a Caddy on wheels, powered by an electric motor. It may be that it is capable of moving alone or that you have the need to drag it, in any case, some are programmed to travel certain distances.

These carts are usually light and easy to store and move thanks to a battery that powers them. They have become very popular recently due to their practicality and versatility.

Electric Golf Carts or Gas Golf Carts – Which Is Better?

The issue of choosing between an electric golf cart and a gas one depends on your preferences since the maintenance cost in both cases is the same. While with a gas car you must invest in filter changes, oil, and some spare parts, with the electric car this expense goes to replacing the battery every couple of years.

However, some interesting details may help you decide. For example, electric carts are respectful of the environment, they do not pollute, they are less noisy and their maintenance is easier, however, they are not very powerful or fast and they take time to charge, if the battery is consumed in the field you will have than tow it.

On the other hand, gas carts are more powerful and faster and have greater drag force, but they are noisy, highly polluting since they use fuel, and are more complicated to maintain.

What should you take into account before buying an electric golf cart?

Before taking one home, there are several factors to consider that will help you make the right decision and make the right purchase. When buying you should take a look at the following details:


In these cases, you must take into account the space where it will be stored and the qualities it needs so that it can fit in that referred place: folding, dismountable, with interchangeable wheels, among other elements. The idea is to select one that fits in the place that you have destined for its storage.


Here is a matter of money, currently the most popular are lithium batteries, however, we must also add that they are very expensive, so you have to review your needs in the long term and if you need this type of battery or if it suits you of another type. The advantage of lithium batteries is that they last longer, charge faster, and are lighter.

Features: –

On this point, you must think about what exactly you need or what is convenient for you, for example, if you need a GPS function, space to store your valuables or speed settings. It is also useful that you look at the price and the automatic functions. Taking into account these small details you can make a more appropriate selection.


Generally, the construction of this equipment is aluminum. This material has a great advantage in that it is light, which will make it easier to handle and use to move golf clubs. As a disadvantage, it can be said that, given its smooth finish, it is a material sensitive to dents. In these cases you just have to make sure you have all the necessary care, if you apply them, the stroller can be very durable.


At this point, you need to be extremely careful. Ideally, when selecting, you have a clear idea of ​​the size of the trunk of your car so that you can select an electric car that you can place there without major problem. Although the manufacturers have had this forecast at the time of building them, it is worth reviewing this detail carefully.


As a general rule, these small carts are light, however, the type of battery they use will give you a clearer notion of the weight that you must face, taking into account that you must drag them around the golf course, around the club, or the changing room so that a light one will give you more. Those that use lead-acid batteries tend to be older than lithium batteries.


The most modern cars have a speed table that will allow you to take the equipment at the speed of your march, however, in the case of golf cars there is a lot of variety, some have only on and off, others have power levels that are increasing progressively and there are those that even come with brake systems to be applied in cases where it is necessary to slow down because the cart is on a hill.


At this point, you will find variety. Almost all of them are foldable, with removable parts, or easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage. Some are disassembled in pieces, others have wheel extraction systems that facilitate their transfer and storage. Before taking one home, it will be appropriate for you to know which of all the options suits you best.

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