The 9 Best Golf Push Carts For 2022 [Reviews & Comparisons]


Golf is a fun and relaxing activity that many people enjoy, but each golf course has 18 holes, each of which is located quite a distance from the other. If you plan to play the entire course, then you need a convenient method to carry your golf clubs, golf balls, and all the rest of your golf equipment easily.
I’m writing the best golf push carts 2022 reviews keep reading for more details and the models in depth.

For this guide, I have spent about 40 hours researching existing models, asking the opinions of fellow and rival golfers, reading the opinions in the main forums, and personally testing 20 golf carts.

Top 9 Best Golf Push Carts of 2022

What are the best golf push carts 2022?

best golf push cart 2022: Clicgear 3.5 Plus golf cart


The Clicgear 3.5+ is a manual golf cart that is manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the golf industry. This cart has a compact design with many technical features that may appeal to some golfers.
Construction and design. The Clicgear 3.5+ has a durable and robust construction that will increase the longevity of the device. The unit is quite compact, but when not in use, it can be folded down to an even smaller size that can easily fit in the trunk of your car. To ensure your comfort while maneuvering the cart, the handle can be adjusted to an ergonomic height more suitable for you.


One concern many golfers tend to have when purchasing a new cart is whether or not their current golf bag will fit in the cart. This unit was designed to be extremely versatile, which means that most bags used on the golf course will fit on this push cart. The arms that secure the bag in situ are simply designed to regulate and accommodate the size of your bag. Adjustable straps also help secure the bag on your website and view more information.

Tires and Braking

The device’s tires are designed to be heavy-duty tires that can maneuver on any terrain. All three tires have a tubeless design that is perfect for the green. The brakes are activated by a convenient lift lever located on the dashboard of the car, which serves as a parking brake for all three wheels.

Storage and accessories

Having extra storage space is important, which is why Clicgear has made the cargo net on this model much larger than it was before; in fact, it is 80 percent larger. This cart also includes a place on the board to store your pencils, balls, tees, and scorecards while you play. Also, the umbrella holder is perfect for hot days on the green, but if you prefer not to use it, it can be removed. Another accessory to note is the adjustable cup holder, which can be ideal for storing water or Gatorade while you walk the green.

👍 It is designed to fold into a very compact size that makes it easy to transport.
– The unit is made of very high-quality materials but is still capable of being lightweight.
– The braking system of this golf cart is very easy to use.
– The design of the Clicgear 3.5+ includes many accessories.
– Securing your golf bag on this cart couldn’t be an easier process

👎 – The unit is a bit difficult to collapse the first few times, but once the process is known, it can be quickly folded.
– The cup holder is a bit tight on larger glasses so you may have to use a little force to get your drink into the cup holder.

Golf Push Cart 2022: The lightest Golf Cart

The next car on our list comes to us from How true, which is a company that is known for making durable products at low prices.

Construction and design

This unit only weighs around 350 grams, making it one of the lightest trucks on the market, making it easy to push through rocky terrain and hilly greens. In addition, the device can be folded to make traveling with it easier; in fact, the rear wheels can be removed if trunk space is limited.

This cart also features padded handles which will be adjusted to suit your needs. Four different configurations vary in height range so it can accommodate both short and taller people.

Tires and Braking

The CaddyTek Superlite has a three-wheel design that features a single front wheel and two rear tires. To help create more stability, the front wheel has an alignment mechanism. How true has created a single-press brake system that they use for all of their cars? It is designed with a foot brake that is pressed to activate and deactivate the system.

Storage and accessories

This model has plenty of storage space for storing balls, tees, and scorecards. Also, there is a mesh net, an umbrella, and a cup holder that you can use when on the green.

👍 – Because the device is so light, it moves around the green effortlessly and without noise.
– Pushing the golf cart will never give you fatigue so you can save energy for your swings.
– Drive collapse is a straightforward process that shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, which is perfect for when you’re running a bit late.
– The braking system works perfectly on any type of terrain.

👎 -The brake button can be difficult to press at times, especially if the soles of your shoes are soft.
– The cup holder is located on the side of the unit, which is a bit awkward, especially when the golf bag is attached to the cart.

Caddytek Golf Push Cart: Clicgear 8+


As a leading manufacturer in the golf industry, it should come as no surprise that Clicgear is seen for the second time on our list, this time showing off its Clicgear 8.0 golf cart. Compared to previous cart models created by this company, this one is packed with accessories to help enhance your golfing experience.

Construction and design

The Clicgear 8.0 is a golf cart designed to look sleek and smooth on the green. It is versatile enough to carry any size bag, which can be easily secured in seconds; however, this trolley is only compatible with trolley bags, so make sure it is acceptable for your style of play before making a purchase. The collapse of the unit only requires two simple steps so that the dimensions of the cart are much smaller than when it is extended. The frame is made from aluminum, which is a great way to keep the unit as light as possible to allow you to save your strength for gaming. go to the Clicgear page for more design and other information.

Tires and Braking

This device features a four-tire design that allows the cart to roll across the field with great stability. The axles of the two front tires are separated, so hills and rough terrain will not be a problem. Because the wheels are designed with separate axles, keeping them aligned manually will ensure that the cart can maintain a smooth and effortless ride. In addition, the tires do not need air, so maintenance requirements will be minimal.

The brake on this golf cart is located right on the handle, making it easier to reach when the cart is parked. This braking system locks the two front wheels in place, preventing the cart from moving completely.

Storage and accessories

When it comes to accessories, this golf cart doesn’t disappoint. The console is extra-large, making it easy to keep score while on the green. It comes with a convenient location to store your balls, shirts, and pencils, as well as a convenient umbrella stand that can give you some shade. Additionally, there is also a mesh net to store things like your sunglasses or hat, as well as a cup holder that can easily hold beverage containers of most sizes.

👍 – The unit folds almost completely flat, which means you won’t need a lot of trunk space to take it to the field.

– The cart has a four-wheel design that adds a lot of stability to the unit, making it easier to push the cart through rough terrain.

– The brake is conveniently located on the handle for ease of use.

👎 – The brake is difficult to hit, which could be a problem for some, especially as you approach the 18th hole.

– This golf cart only works with cart bags, which may be inconvenient for some who already own different types of golf bags.

CaddyTek most comfortable folding golf cart


This third-generation golf cart has more features and accessory options than many of the other manual cart options that are available on the market.

Construction and design

This golf cart has a very strong aluminum-constructed body, making it a lightweight cart that is easy to push across the green. Plus, the unit is very durable, so if you buy this cart, you’ll have a companion to carry your golf gear for years to come. The handles are padded to give you an extra layer of comfort and can be adjusted to several different positions to accommodate everyone who wishes to use this stroller.

In addition, the unit is designed to fold and fold with ease. In fact, it only requires a simple push of a button, so it can easily be ready to be packed into your vehicle in less than a minute.

Tires and Braking

The first thing you will notice about this manual transport cart is the fact that it offers four wheels instead of three. This feature adds more stability to the unit, allowing it to traverse uneven terrain with ease. You will also notice that the tires do not need air, which means that very little maintenance is required to maintain their current condition. If the front wheels seem a bit unstable, you can also adjust the suspension.

The braking system of this cart is used by a foot brake on the rear wheel of the cart. Simply press this button to activate the brake and release it.

Storage and accessories

This model has a multitude of accessories that are designed to make your golf game more enjoyable. Starting with storage, this device not only features a mesh bag, it also features an extra-large mesh basket that is perfect for carrying whatever you need. There is a cup holder to carry your drinks to keep you hydrated, an umbrella to keep you out of the sun, and a cardholder for your convenience. One feature we haven’t seen on this list yet is a fridge. This cart has a built-in fridge which is behind the place where the golf bag will be placed. Additionally, this unit can be purchased with a removable seat for those times when you need to relax between the holes.

👍 – This cart has a four-wheel design that offers more stability than the traditional three-wheel design.

– Airless tires will not require a lot of maintenance, if at all, so it will save you money over time.

– This golf cart is extremely easy to fold and unfold. One-click technology should allow you to complete the task in less than a minute.

– The light weight of the unit requires very little or no effort to push across the green.

👎 – The foot brake is difficult to use, especially when compared to a handbrake, but with a little use, it should be less of a problem. – Some prefer the traditional mesh net instead of the basket. This is because the golf cart cannot be folded easily with the golf balls inside the unit.

Spectacular 3-wheel foldable Golf Cart


It’s a golf cart that is designed to effortlessly give you the control you need to transport your golf equipment across the green.

Construction and design

This cart is made with an extra-large frame, which provides you with more space to store golf accessories and golf equipment. The handles on this stroller are easy to adjust, so no matter how tall you are, you can comfortably push the stroller. It also features a three-step fold that allows you to easily collapse the unit in seconds. The golf cart is compatible with the cart holder and bags, so make sure you don’t need more space before making this purchase.

Tires and Braking

The tires are made entirely of a lightweight foam material that is durable enough to last for years of maintenance-free use. The brake system is extremely efficient, but it is only located on the front wheel, which means that it only affects one of the three wheels. Still, this will give you more than enough stability while playing on the green.

Storage and accessories

This unit is designed with extra deep storage pockets, which provide your personal effects with extra protection while traveling from hole to hole. Like most golf carts, this one contains a cup holder to store your drink; however, this feature is insulated on this car, so your water must stay cooler for a longer period. There is also an umbrella stand that can be used to protect yourself from the sun during golf games.

👍 – The front wheel of this cart pivots, which facilitates maneuverability on any terrain.

– Storage in this unit is very convenient, especially if you need a place to store your sunglasses or a cell phone.

– The handles of this trolley are easy to adjust.

– The braking system is excellent on any terrain, even if it only affects one wheel, the car will stay in place.

👎 – This cart is a little harder to fold than most of the other golf carts or carts on this list, but after a few uses, it will be easier to quickly fold.

– The umbrella stand seems a bit big for some umbrellas. – The supports that hold the bag in place are not adjustable, so some large bags may not fit properly. Additionally, this golf cart only works with cart and carrier bags, so please confirm your bag is compatible to avoid disappointment after making a purchase.

CaddyTek EZ-Fold Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek-Lime-CaddyLite-EZ-Fold-3-Wheel-Golf-Push-Cart-CP-EZ-LIME-OEM-(CaddyTekCP-EZ-LIME)- by-CaddyTek

The CaddyTek EZ-Fold golf push cart is a great three-wheeler option for anyone who doesn’t want to carry their golf bag from place to place. It has a compact design, folds neatly, and is made of very strong materials.

Construction and design

One of the best features of this EZ-Fold 3 cart is its incredibly strong aluminum frame. It will take all the damage a course can take and be ready for your next golf outing. It has a three-wheel design that gives it a lot of control and stability. Since it is made of aluminum, it is also relatively light. It only weighs 450 grams

Tires and Braking

The wheels on this golf cart are quite strong and have a slimmer form factor. This means that they’re relatively stable on most terrains. Plus, they’re designed to be completely maintenance-free, and they’re rugged enough to last for years. When it comes to braking, this CaddyTek product has foot brakes that are very responsive and will prevent the car from rolling.

Storage and accessories

This cart has plenty of storage space. First, there is an umbrella holder, which is very useful on most golf courses. In addition to this, this trolley also has a built-in cooler, a mesh net to carry things and ends, and a storage shelf for convenience.

👍 This product folds with the click of a button.

This is an easy-to-pull cart that feels fast on the field.

There is plenty of storage space in this golf cart; you can take things with you like drinks or even your umbrella.

👎 At 18.5 pounds, it is heavier than other cars on the market.

The tire can scrape against the golf bag.

Sometimes the foot brake is difficult to reach.

Ezeglide Compact Quad Push Cart


When stability is needed, there is nothing better than a four-wheel golf cart. They do not overturn; they work well on various golf courses and are generally very easy to control. This Ezeglide product has a great design that ensures a much easier time on the golf course. It is also a motorized unit; it folds and unfolds automatically.

Construction and design

The Ezeglide Total Automatic’s construction is very aerodynamic and balancedThe rear wheels are slightly wider than the front so there is more support for your golf bag. Its total angle is also designed so that the golf clubs and the golf bag are more supported, and the weight is distributed more evenly between the four wheels. It is also very light, weighing 450 grams, and folds very compactly when leaving the golf course.

Tires and Braking

With the four-wheel setup, the Ezeglide can tilt and turn with relative ease. This means that you can easily control the cart while navigating the course. The wheels are very large and are capable of withstanding the toughest conditions in the field. The wheels are 10.75 inches in diameter and are maintenance-free. With this product, you brake using a lever under the handlebar.

Storage and accessories

On this cart, there’s an umbrella holder, a tee holder, a ball holder, and even a scorecard holder. It is a battery-powered product that lasts for about six months of operation.

👍 Its automatic display features make it easy to go out and play.

This product lasts a long time on a single charge.

It is very stable.

👎 The brake is not reliable.

It’s hard to bend when the battery is dead.

CaddyTek Superlite Golf Push Cart


This CaddyTek product features a great design and is a component of the company’s Superlite product line. It is a four-wheel product that has a fairly compact design that is easy to control on the golf course. It folds quite compactly in just two steps and has an adjustable golf bag capacity.

Construction and design

The Superlite series, as you might expect, is designed to be easy to transport. In fact, this product weighs less than 500 grams, which makes it a very convenient product to carry around when you need to weigh it. The product is made of aluminum, which means that it is as strong as it is light. The wheel spacing is adjustable so you can easily fit almost any bag inside your body.

Tires and Braking

As a four-wheel golf cart, this product is designed not to tilt and to provide a very stable design. The wheels themselves are large and can go through most types of terrain that you will find on your golf course. Additionally, the Superlite comes with Caddytek’s patented foot brake that makes it easy to stop the car on a hill or on level ground.

Storage and accessories

The CaddyTek Superlite Explorer features a good amount of space for storage to figure with. Not only does it have a deep enough mesh pocket to handle your personal effects, but it also has an umbrella, a place for a scorecard, and a cup holder for your drinks.

👍 The mesh pockets on this are very strong.

The wheels on this product are very maneuverable.

This is one of the most adjustable manual golf carts on the market.

👎 The handle could be more comfortable. It doesn’t hold the golf bag as tightly as it should.

CaddyTek Super Deluxe Foldable Golf Push Cart


This CaddyTek product is another three-wheel drive that has great speed and control on the golf course. It is a device that can be quickly folded in three steps, which means that when the game is over, it can be quickly converted into a very compact size. In addition, this product is durable and can be used on most terrains, making it ideal for most golf courses.

Construction and design

As an aluminum product, this golf cart is light and strong; actually, this particular product is made to last for years of golf course visits. One of the best design features of this product is its great lightness; in fact, it only weighs about 15 pounds, which means it’s very easy to do.

Tires and Braking

The tires on this car are designed to be completely maintenance-free and are large enough to effortlessly navigate the terrain and can even be used on uneven terrain. The wheels have a spoke design that allows for great weight control, which means you can take all your clubs with you on the field. It also uses the patented braking system found in many CaddyTek products; just press a foot pedal to lock the carriage in place.

Storage and accessories

This product has room for an umbrella, has a dedicated storage shelf, can handle a drink, and has a built-in scorecard holder. Besides this, you can also store your belongings in two areas on the body of this cart.

👍 It is very easy to stop this product.

The wheels are designed to be easily maneuverable.

It is very light.

👎 Has a tendency to lean. The cart is too big to fit in most club lockers.


Best Golf Push Carts 2022: Buying Guide

Do I need a Golf Push Cart?

A Golf Cart Buying Guide can be an excellent way to find a golf cart that fits all of your needs. In most cases, you can rent an electric cart in the field you are playing in, but that can become a costly expense, so to help maintain your budget, it may be wise to purchase a cart, especially if you play golf a lot. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and features of a good golf cart before we dive into actual manual golf cart reviews. 

The Benefits of a Golf Push Cart

Caddy Free Play Style

It can be nice to have a caddy, but if you’re not used to having someone follow you around the golf course it can be a bit unnerving. Also, when you give someone else the responsibility of taking care of your golf equipment, there is always the possibility that you will damage something lost. Using a caddy also means paying them, so using a manual golf cart can also be a great way to avoid this cost.

Stand out from other golfers

Not all golfers on the course have their method of carrying their golf equipment, so when seen with a fancy push cart, it makes him look like a professional golfer who is serious about the game, even if he is just playing for fun. sometimes.

Move across the green faster

Playing without a caddy or wheelbarrow can be frustrating, especially if you tend to lose track of your equipment when you’re playing. If you have to walk around the green to find your clubs and balls between each hole, you will end up extending the time it will take to complete all 18 holes. A golf cart can help you keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

Save energy for the game

To properly play a game of golf, you will need to have various types of clubs and balls available throughout the course. You will also need to carry many other items that may be necessary while playing the game, and physically carrying them can be exhausting. A golf cart can help lighten your load and reduce the fatigue you experience when traveling across the green, giving you more energy to use later in your swing.

Add comfort to your golf game

Having a golf push cart is a good way to move all of your equipment at once. Plus, it adds a level of comfort that takes away the worries associated with any golf course, effectively allowing you to focus more on the game you’re currently at.

Features to consider before buying a golf push cart

One of the first items you want to think of when shopping for a new golf cart is your golf bag. Not all bags are the same; some have different heights, weights, and overall sizes, so it’s important to make sure you have the best golf bag to be compatible with the cart on the course. Let’s take a look at some of the other features you’ll want to consider.

Types of golf carts

Since golf carts have been increasing in popularity as a convenient way to cross the green, there have been many different styles of golf carts that have become available on the market that a golfer can take advantage of. Of all the available options, three of them stand out from the rest. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to decide which type best suits your needs and playing style. Here’s a breakdown to help you make up your mind.

Electric Golf Carts

This type of electric golf cart is powered by a motor to make traveling around the green a quick and easy process. If you can’t move quickly, this option will help you a lot when it comes to moving to the next hole. They are a great way to conserve your energy in the hot sun, but if you plan to play multiple rounds, be aware that the battery may not be able to hold a charge for much more than one round. Also, these electric golf carts tend to run on the expensive side.

Push golf carts

If you are a beginning golfer who doesn’t have a lot of equipment yet, then a shot golf cart may be a good option for you to consider. They are designed to simply be pulled behind you as you walk, but are limited by what they can carry. Also, these types of carts are often extremely light, so pulling one will not require much energy from you.

Manual golf carts

This type of golf cart is easily the most attractive option for most golfers; in fact, it is the type of golf cart that will be explored in our review section of this guide. Typically, this type of golf cart has three wheels, which adds a level of stability to your equipment as it traverses the green. The golf cart also tends to be a bit larger in size, so it can take a bit more power than a draft cart, especially if you have a lot of equipment.

Foldable carts, compact size

Having a foldable device is part of what makes the golf cart a mobile option that you can easily fold into a compact size and place in the trunk of your car. Mobility is important to most golfers as it does not normally stick to a single course, and even if it does, it will still be necessary to transport the unit from your home to the green. Not all golf carts can be conveniently folded or disassembled, so make sure the one you choose can be transported in your vehicle as well as stored at home.

Golf cart wheel size

A wheelbarrow is designed with either three wheels or four wheels, so keeping it upright as you go across the green should be easy, but how about pulling it? Most wheels cut through the pavement and smooth surfaces with ease, but when you come across the rough terrain you’ll find on a green, it could be more difficult to push with small wheels. To make sure you’re not exerting excess energy trying to get to the next hole, buy a golf cart that has large wheels, which will help smooth out any bumps in the terrain and get to your next destination more quickly.

Ergonomic handles

Having strong, durable handles with good grips is a good way to maintain good maneuverability around the green. The padding on the handles should feel natural against your skin, as well as provide you with some satisfaction with the direction.

Seating option

Some golf carts come with a seating option for you to enjoy when on the green. It can add extra weight to the device, but it will be a relief to be able to relax for a few minutes during the game, especially if there is a long waiting period between your turns.

Brake Characteristics

Having a brake on your golf cart is another important feature that you should look for, as it ensures that it is safe when you walk away to take your shot. It also adds a bit of stability to the unit when you are using the seating feature that the golf cart may have. Some manual carts only have a parking brake on one wheel, but finding a golf cart with a three-wheel braking system can only add the benefit of greater safety on uneven terrain.

Easy to use

Any golf cart you decide to buy should be easy to use. Make sure you can snag the locks, secure the bag, and quickly open any compartments you need to open. Also, the extra weight can make a golf cart more difficult to use, as just maneuvering it could be difficult.

Additional characteristics

There are tons of other features that can be added to your golf cart, so it is important to consider how important each is to your new golf cart. Some of the more popular features that you can add include storage areas where you can place your gear and gear. Since you are in the sun when you play a round of golf, it may be wise to have some protection. Of course, you should always wear sunscreen, but you can also find a golf cart that has a feature that allows you to easily attach an umbrella to the cart and provides relief from the shade and sun. Water bottle holders are also a common feature, as the risk of dehydration on a golf course during the intense summer heat is a real concern.

How To Use Golf Push Cart: The Basics?

There was a time when having a caddy was common for well-to-do golfers. Today, even the wealthiest golfers have a tendency to use the best hand golf carts during their game. Once you have found the right golf cart, some people wonder how to use a golf cart correctly. In this guide, we’ll show you the ins and outs of using a golf cart while on the courses. First, let’s consider some of the advantages of using a golf cart.

Advantages of using a golf push cart

As a golfer, you will experience many benefits when using a golf cart. Here are a few that are the foremost beneficial:

Some electric golf carts are battery-assisted, making it easy to navigate hilly golf courses.

Manual golf carts have larger wheels that allow you to easily travel through rocky or sandy bunkers.

Using one of these golf carts makes it easy to carry your golf equipment from hole to hole, regardless of its weight.

Many golf carts have a dedicated surface that you can use to keep score and store your scorecards and pencils.

How to use a golf cart

When you’re ready to hit the green, it’s time to put your clubs in the golf cart. A golf cart typically accommodates most golf bags using a buckle system that secures your bag to the manual golf cart. Once your bag is loaded with your clubs, golf balls, and other golf accessories, you can hit the golf courses.

Push and brake

Pushing a golf cart is pretty simple because most have a handlebar set that gives you a waist-level control scheme that is easy to maneuver. Many also have a three- or four-wheel design that adds stability to the cart so it won’t tip over while traversing uneven terrain. When it’s time to stop, many of these cars have foot brakes that will prevent the car from rolling along the course as you swing. Sometimes these brakes are also found on the handle of the car.


If you have trouble standing for a long period of time, many golf carts have seating options. Simply unfold the seat assembly so you can relax between the swings while your friends play.

If you like ease, then a manual golf cart may be a great option for you; in fact, they are even designed to fold down to a more compact size to fit your vehicle. We hope our guide has helped you better understand how to use a golf push cart. Take a look at our guide on how to put your golf bag on a wheelbarrow.


Golf carts are a great way to move your equipment across the green, but there are many different types available to buy, as you can see from the detailed examples in this article. We hope our golf cart guide or reviews helped you find the best golf cart for your needs, but if our selections don’t live up to your standards, then use the pre-purchase considerations we discussed at the beginning. of the guide to help you find a golf cart to buy that will bring you years of enjoyment.

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