The best golf watches

The Best Golf Watches of 2022

A golf watch is indispensable for the golfer who is always looking to improve his results. The simple and most effective way to manage the game and optimize each shot is to have accurate distances. This is something that the latest technology in a golf watch can offer us. Anyone wants to score lower, and that golf is more enjoyable when birdies are made.

But even the best golfers in the world cannot always hit perfect shots. So, a golf watch is essentially a caddy for non-professionals. Because when have you seen a professional play without a caddy? At the end of this article, you can look at our guide on choosing a good golf watch.

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Top 10 golf watches

Garmin Approach S10 Golf Watch

Garmin golf watch-S10
Garmin golf watch buy on Amazon

It is a complete golf watch and one of the cheapest of the brand. This is why the Garmin Approach S10 is also one of the best sellers. Besides being lighter for any pocket, it has a set of simple features, perfect for those who just want necessary information on the Green.

You will have access to 41,000 fields without the necessity to preload data. And when you’re on the course, you’ll get distances to the front, back, and in the middle of the Green, as well as obstacles and hazards.

It is an easy-to-use golf watch that will even show you a summary of your round, with the distance played, the total time, and the score.

The Garmin Approach S10 screen doesn’t reflect glare when you stare at it. And this is a simple but excellent feature of this golf watch.

Basic, accurate, great battery, and affordable price. It offers more detail than the essential Apple Watch apps, which means there are good reasons to buy an Approach S10. It is not a smartwatch, but if you can live without notifications or calls on your wrist, it is the right candidate for you.

However, its lack of Bluetooth forces you to connect it via USB to upload your Garmin Golf scores, which is not the most complete. It’s good to keep track of each lap and your score, but you’ll have to use another mobile app to get detailed hole maps and short-term data. More info at Garmin

Main features

  • Weight: 42.2 g. Dimensions: 37.4×47.6×11.3 mm.
  • Screen: 23×23 mm. visible in sunlight, transflective.
  • Water resistance: resistance: 5 ATMs, swimming, diving, snorkeling.
  • Battery life: GPS mode up to 12 hours, clock mode up to 14 weeks.
  • Connectivity and technology: USB.
  • Golf functions: distanced / c / t from the Green, dogleg, score, green view with the flag’s positioning, obstacles and objectives, swing, more than 40,000-course maps (pre-installed).
  • Sensors: GPS.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Easy to use – Great battery life – Water resistant – Affordable price – Good overall golf performance.
  • Cons: – No Bluetooth – It can be slow to pick up the field’s details – It has no unusual features.

Bushnell Excel

Sporty and casual. This is an easy GPS to await golf and also for each day, which presents a simple reading of all the knowledge you’ve got. With more than 35,000 pre-installed golf courses, it automatically detects which one you are playing on.

Like other golf clocks, it gives you the center, front and back distance of the Green. It can also detect up to four obstacles per hole and has a built-in calculator and pedometer. The incorporation of Bluetooth in this smartwatch allows you to obtain updates without synchronizing them with a computer.

And you’ll receive calls, messages, and calendar notifications. Perfect for measuring distances. It is water-resistant up to 10 m. and among its clock functions is the stopwatch and alarm.

To take to the golf course and anywhere. While some golf GPS watches can only be worn with sportswear, the Bushnell Excel is perfectly suited to the office. It is an elegant watch, although not flashy, and does not clash with a formal suit. On the other hand, its battery can last up to 14 hours running in GPS mode at full load.

The price makes it one of the most straightforward golf watches on the market. So if you are looking for sports watches with a cheaper new technology than Garmin watches, this is the best golf watch for you. More on Bushnell.

Main features

  • Weight: 46g. Dimensions: 13.75x45x54mm.
  • Screen: 25×25 mm. Scratch-resistant mineral glass.
  • Water resistance: resistance: up to 10 m.
  • Battery life: GPS mode: 14 hours, rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Connectivity and technology: USB, Bluetooth, smart notifications.
  • Golf functions: front/center / rear distance of the Green, automatic hole change, preloaded obstacles, shot distance, step counter, preloaded with more than 36,000 courses.
  • Sensors: GPS.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Affordable price – Lots of preloaded course maps – Accurate even out of bounds – Easy to read and use – Coverage of up to four different hazards – Long battery life – Shot distance calculator – Waterproof.
  • Cons: – Colorless touchscreen – Difficult to read in sunlight – Can lose signal in the middle of a lap.

Garmin Venu Sq

The Garmin Venu Sq is a powerful smartwatch at a reasonable price. It includes some of the best features of Garmin, Apple, or Fitbit devices.

Its golf function is a native mode on the Garmin Venu Sq, although it is a smartwatch that focuses on multisport tracking. Of course, you must preload the field data and synchronize it through Garmin Connect.

That’s fine if you play a course regularly. If not, you just have to remember to do it in advance. Tracking is accurate and responsive, offering distances to the front, middle, and behind at a glance.

You get many of the premium features of the Approach models. This includes automatic hit detection, which will display the distance of the last shot recorded. It’s a simple feature that Garmin golf watches enjoy. It will also give you information about the position and the dangers, although the interface can be complicated.

On the other hand, it is a golf GPS watch that includes, in addition to golf, modes for running, cycling, walking, strength, cardio, yoga, Pilates, elliptical, skiing, and snow sports. Essentially, track whatever it is. You even do guided interval sessions, quarter-mile reps, or run and walk sessions.

The screen isn’t always on by default, so you need to raise your wrist to see the time. However, there is the option of having information still active if you prefer.

In conclusion, by design, functions, and data that you will get in Garmin Connect, they make it a great purchase if you want more than just a simple golf distance meter.

Main features

  • Weight: 37.6 g Dimensions: 40.6×37.0x11.5 mm
  • Display: 33.1 mm diagonal, Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Water resistance: 5ATM
  • Battery life: Smartwatch mode: up to six days, GPS mode: up to 14 hours
  • Connectivity and technology: Bluetooth, ANT +
  • Golf functions: distance meter, automatic hole change, preloaded obstacles, shot distance, step counter.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Affordable price – Stress, energy, and breathing -Lots of sports profiles -Smart notifications -Includes NFC and Garmin Pay to be able to make payments.
  • Cons: – Somewhat complicated to use.

Shot Scope V3

The ShotScope V3 does everything you would expect from a standard GPS golf watch. It comes with 35,000 courses preloaded and shows the distances to the front, middle, and back of the Green, but much more than that.

It has the most accurate golf GPS available, thanks to the use of dual satellite technology. This increases the standard accuracy of 3 and 5 meters to just 30 cm.

The Golf Shot Scope V3 GPS watch comes with 16 sensors, one for each club and 2 for replacement. By screwing each sensor onto the end of your clubs, allow the watch to detect each shot automatically.

You won’t notice the sensors at all, as they are lightweight and screw perfectly onto the club’s grip. Then track your entire round and shots, collecting lots of useful data about your game.

Includes tracking sensors for large amounts of data

It even allows you to play without user interaction on the golf course, as you don’t even need to label where the flag is when it goes off. The smart Shot Scopes system does all of this for you.

The amount of analysis that Shot Scope V3 offers is fantastic. It gives you more than 100 statistics, which cover the type of metrics. The data is incredibly detailed. If you like golf statistics, you could spend hours studying each part of the game. But most importantly, the ShotScope V3 stats can teach you things about your game that you might not have realized otherwise.

That will help you determine which parts you need to work on and help you make better decisions in the field. The V3 is also Shot Scope’s most compact and classy watch because the previous V2 was quite bulky on the wrist. See more at Shot Scope.

Main features

  • Weight: 41g. Dimensions: 34x39x10 mm
  • Display: 176 x 176 pixels, daylight readable color, toughened mineral glass.
  • Battery life: GPS mode ten h and ten days clock mode.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, compatible with Android 5.0 or later with BLE 4. and 0iOS 11 or later with BLE 4.0.
  • Golf functions: front/center / back distance of the Green, automatic shot distance, shows the last club detected, obstacles and targets, 36,000 preloaded courses.
  • Sensors: GPS L1 and L5, Galileo E1 and E5a, Glonass L1.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Keeps track of lots of different stats – Competitive price considering it’s a golf watch with GPS and tracking sensors. – Elegant compact watch with interchangeable straps that allow customization.
  • Cons: – The application is only in English, French, German, Italian, Swedish.

SkyCaddie LX5

Many golfers choose a GPS watch for its simplicity at a glance, but the LX5 is far from necessary. Its most prominent feature is the touch screen. Bright and clear, it is easy to read in different conditions without holding it close to your face.

From the main screen, which shows the front, middle, and back distances in bold, you can slide your finger in different directions. So you can see the map, the list of obstacles, enter your score, or measure the distance of your shot.

The definition of the hole graphics is impressive. That is, it allows you to see every detail of what is coming. Bright color touch screen, precise distances, and easy interface

Even the LX5 will recommend the best shot option based on golfers’ feedback who have covered the holes. It has a 3.5 cm HD color touchscreen and comes preloaded with more than 35,000 verified world fields.

Golfers get the exact location of the Green and distances from its angle of approach. Meanwhile, the graphics will help you select the most suitable club for the next shot. You can also add performance statistics to sync them with the SkyGolf360 app later if you want a more extensive analysis.

In short, it offers everything you could want from a golf GPS watch and more, like clear and color maps, scoring function, shot measurement, and obstacle list. Also, the average heart rate is on a separate screen. But it is not a true smartwatch since it does not have smart notifications. More information on SkyCaddie.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Zoom and pan functions provide distances to any point on the golf course. – With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. – Battery life up to two rounds. – Free 3-year initial membership.
  • Cons: – No smart notifications.

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GolfBuddy W10

An advanced GPS smartwatch that is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It has features that include a full-color touch screen and slope distance readings. This gives the golfer the most superficial views of the course and more control of the sport.

Along with a ten-hour battery life in Golf mode, a convenient digital scorecard, and its new green-wide zoon features, the GolfBuddy W10 is the right choice.

It’s a sports watch but stylish and comfortable enough to be worn off the course, even after golf. It has a pedometer function to track your steps if you are interested in keeping up with your daily activity.

Accurate and very sporty looking. You just have to set up your account, select your course, download it, and you are ready to go to the golf club. Once you’ve arrived, the watch will automatically detect which course you are on. Already in the game, as you walk, you will see that the distance gradually changes, meter by meter, as you move. So you will always know where you are.

It takes little time and effort to obtain accurate distances. And not only to the Green but also to hazards and other points on the course that can influence each shot’s selection.

The 1.3 “full-color touchscreen on the GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS watch is perhaps one of the simplest on the market. It is very convenient to use and offers 40,000 preloaded courses with no additional subscription fees. Although it may seem minor, even the design has been updated, making it look and feel like a high-end product. More info at GolfBuddy.

Main features

  • Weight: 55g. Dimensions: 46X46 X14.6 mm.
  • Display: 1.3 “full color TFT-LCD and 240X240px resolution
  • Water resistance: rainproof.
  • Battery life: ten hours (golf mode), rechargeable lithium polymer 3.8V, 600mA.
  • Connectivity and technology: synchronization with the smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Golf functions: distance meter, zoom in, zoom out, automatic hole change, preloaded obstacles, shot distance, step counter, 40,000 preloaded courses.
  • Sensors: GPS, GLONASS.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Easy to use – Comfortable – Accurate – Lots of features – Great color touch screen – Good battery life.
  • Cons: – The GolfBuddy app is fundamental.

Garmin Approach S20

Perfect for a long day on the golf course. Discreet at work and effective on the Green. It is incredibly light and comfortable to wear and is designed to be worn on an ordinary day. The Garmin Approach S20 offers you fitness tracking, GPS distances, and smartwatch notifications.

On the golf course, it supports 40,000 maps from around the world. It also informs you of the distances to the front, center, and back, shown next to each Green’s plan. You can get useful statistical information, such as the distance of each shot per club and the number of putts.

However, it lacks high-end features.

For example, you can’t see the layout of an entire hole, it doesn’t have a color display, and swing tracking doesn’t cut through. They are features that most golfers will be able to live without for such an attractive price. See full review >>

To play more than one lap with precision. In general, it is straightforward to use through its four buttons with which you access the menus. The Garmin Approach S20 is accurate, has reliable features, and is packed with Garmin’s best golf watch technology.

In conclusion, it is an excellent option for a golfer looking for a device that can last several laps. Although to get the most out of this golf watch, the Garmin TruSwing might be worth adding.

Main features

  • Weight: 42.2 g. Dimensions: 37.4×47.6×11.3 mm.
  • Screen: 23×23 mm., Visible in sunlight, transflective.
  • Water resistance: 5 ATMs, swimming, diving, snorkeling.
  • Battery life: smart mode: up to 8 weeks, GPS mode: up to 15 h.
  • Connectivity and technology: activity monitor, smart notifications.
  • Golf functions: front/center / back distance of the Green, dogleg, stroke distance, score, statistics, green view with flag positioning, obstacles, and targets, swing. Sensors: GPS, accelerometer.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Great battery life – 40,000 preloaded maps – No subscriptions – Precise flag locations – Activity tracking – Heart rate monitor – TruSwing technology – Accuracy to different obstacles and hazards – Bluetooth – Waterproof – Garmin Connect.
  • Cons: – Does not include touch screen – You have to buy other Garmin products to take advantage of TrueSwing and other features.

Garmin Approach S40

The Garmin Approach S40 is the most attractive golf watch to date, and for some golfers, it might be their most vital feature. It has a modern and elegant design that makes it capable of being used off the field.

For that, it has some smartwatch functionalities. Additionally, the display is crystal clear, making all information visible even in the brightest sunlight.

The Approach S40 comes preloaded with more than 40,000 fields, like many of Garmin’s other watches. All you’ve got to try to turn it on, let the GPS connected, and you’re done. See full analysis

An excellent intermediate option between the S60 and the S20. Keeping with that simple, minimal aesthetic, it has a 1.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen and isn’t bulky. If you don’t want to shell out that much money for the Approach S60 but want more features than the Approach S20, it’s a great middle-ground.

It has a power button on the side along with buttons to switch to the next hole. Overall, a very lightweight watch that sometimes doesn’t sit on the wrist. Which is a massive bonus if you decide to keep it beyond the golf course.

Golf Features

Automatic Hit Detection: The Approach S40 detects each time you contact the ball and displays the shot distance at the screen’s top.

Distances to various points along the course: allows you to quickly alternate distances to doglegs or critical hazards such as bunkers.

Excellent Battery Life: You can expect up to 15 hours of use, which will generally translate to about three laps before you need to charge.

Green view function: In close-up shots, you can adjust the pin’s position on the screen to see a more precise distance.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

The Fenix 5 Plus is more than just a golf watch. A multisport watch designed for golf, although not dedicated. Garmin has not only focused on filling the Garmin Fenix 5 with technology. Still, it has also made several versions in various sizes to adapt to your style and specific needs.

While the Garmin S60 dominates the best golf watches, the Garmin Fenix 5 is the best multisport watch for golfers. Here is a small but essential difference.

It is an excellent watch for running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, skiing, rowing, golf, and many more activities.

If you practice several sports, it will be an excellent purchase, but you will be wasting money if you only want a golf watch. See full analysis of the Fenix 5 >>

There is no need to worry that the watch will sacrifice some golf functions to dedicate them to others, such as rowing, swimming, or running. It has capacity for all almost equally.

The Garmin Fenix 5 provides the distances to the entire Green and all obstacles on the golf course. It also accurately and displays virtually any position on a golf course. The accurate color display allows you to detect positions in the field that may interest you easily.

It is capable of calculating the distance of almost all positions on the golf course. And is that like the Garmin Approach S60, the Fenix 5 golf watch allows you to use the screen to move the flag to any part of the Green? This technology provides precise distances to any level or corner of any green.

The best multisport watch for golfers

And like other golf watches, you have access to approximately 40,000 golf courses. Of course, you must first download the field you will play through the Garmin Connect mobile application to use it. And those who don’t want to worry about unloading the golf course before playing it will have to consider the Garmin Approach S60.

You can also take advantage of the offer of the previous model of the Garmin Fenix series and the Fenix 5.

Of course, a golf watch in this category is also compatible with TruSwing technology, which allows you to analyze almost every aspect of your swing and improve it. In short, something more than a golf watch.

Main features

  • Weight: 86g. Screen: 30.4 mm. diameter.
  • Heart rate: on the wrist.
  • Water resistance: 10 ATMs suitable for swimming, diving, and snorkeling, water sports.
  • Battery life: Smartwatch mode: up to 12 days, GPS up to 18 hours, GPS and music up to 8 hours, UltraTrac mode up to 42 hours.
  • Technology: smart notifications, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, and 3-axis compass, Garmin Pay, stores up to 1,000 songs, Bluetooth, ANT +, Wi-Fi.
  • Sport profiles: activity tracking, running, cycling, gym, golf, swimming, dep. Nautical, triathlon.
  • Sensors: GPS, GLONASS.

Garmin Approach S60

The best golf watch. A GPS golf device with an incomparable design and features. In terms of golf, it includes advanced technique and swing analysis (SwingTempo and TempoTraining).

Also, it combines it with distances, obstacles, scoring, and hit detection. Its new features include PlaysLike, which offers spaces that take under consideration the elevation of the terrain.

Including TruSwing sensor pairing and GPS sports tracking with a full sports list.

Essentially, it’s like a golf Fenix 5, just a little bit, which some golfers, especially women, won’t like. See full review >>

Better features than any GPS golf watch. Its large screen is full color and tactile, in which you can see the hole and the obstacles encountered, whether they are bunkers or water obstacles. It also shows the distance to the center of the Green at all times. Another possibility is moving the green flag and positioning it on the actual playing site by merely touching it and dragging it with your finger.

And not just for golf

So if you are one of those who love to have all that data, you will have to pay for that privilege. The Approach S60 is simply too much for regular golfers, but none can match it if you want the best. Also, it allows you to track activity for multiple sports, such as running, hiking, cycling, swimming, and snorkeling, among others. Several purchase options, such as the Premium model, come with a black ceramic bezel with a black leather strap. Or, if you prefer, the Approach S60 with a white silicone strap.

Main features

  • Weight: 61.0 g. Dimensions: 46x46x14,5 mm.
  • Screen: 30.5 mm. diam. 240 x 240 px resolution, sunlight readable, low power consumption.
  • Water resistance: 5 ATMs, swimming, diving, snorkeling.
  • Battery life: GPS mode: 10 h. standard way: up to ten days.
  • Connectivity and other functions: smart notifications, heart sensor (with accessory), running, gym, cycling, swimming.
  • Golf functions: front/center / back distance of the Green, shot distance, view of the Green with flag positioning, dogleg, obstacles and targets, scoring, SwingTempo, TempoTraining.
  • Sensors: GPS, ANT +, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Best features of any golf GPS watch on the market – High-resolution color touch screen – Accurate distances to any location – Intuitive interface – Access to 40,000 courses – Excellent battery life – Notifications can be disabled so as not to interrupt the game – Activity tracking for multiple sports – Stylish and comfortable.
  • Cons: – It only indicates if the slope is uphill or downhill – It does not have a heart sensor on the wrist (only with compatible accessory) – It requires a little dedication to find out all its features and functions.

The Garmin Approach S62 and the differences with the S60

If you would like to travel beyond what the S60 offers on the golf links, the Approach S62 could also be your best choice. It is designed to be a real golf smartwatch. It has a better screen, a heart monitor on the wrist, and gives you the ability to text or reply to a call.

If you prefer to make payments with it without needing your wallet, it even has Garmin Pay, although you will have to check if your bank is compatible.

Plus, longer battery life than the S60, which is saying a lot. Its 20 hours of operation with GPS and 14 days as a smartwatch make it an exciting candidate for an upcoming whim.

If you prefer a portable golf GPS, these are four perfect options.

Garmin Approach G10

With clip to take it wherever you want. If you’re a golfer who wants to play better, the Garmin G10 Clip-on Golf GPS could be your alternative. It is a compact device that you can carry with maximum comfort.

It fits on a belt, bag, or simply to carry it in your pocket. And if you don’t want to spend a fortune to get a golf GPS, the Approach G10 is probably the best solution.

Easy to use, this durable and lightweight device gives you distances to the front, middle, and back of the Green. You also have access to statistics and a digital scorecard.

Suitable for any golfer looking to improve their technique and hit every shot. And it allows you to play more than one round of golf, which is ideal for weekend golf days.

It has odometer and alarm clock functions. After you’ve finished your lap, you can upload it directly to Garmin Connect through the Garmin website. There you can see all the statistics together and share them with your friends.

Main features

  • Weight: 28.2 g. Dimensions: 37.8×50.6×17.1 mm.
  • Screen: 23×23 mm. sunlight-readable, high resolution, monochrome.
  • Water resistance: IPX7 splash and rain.
  • Battery life: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, GPS mode duration 15 h.
  • Connectivity and technology: USB.
  • Golf functions: distanced / c / t from Green, dogleg, shot distance, score, statistics, green view with flag positioning, obstacles and objectives, 40,000-course maps (pre-installed).
  • Sensors: GPS.

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS

Clip-on, simple, and complying with necessary information. It is a device that offers you what you need for your laps on the golf course. It comes preloaded with over 35,000 golf courses and quickly recognizes any of them.

It also measures front, center, and back distances, making the hole change automatic and very easy to read. In the same way, it offers up to 4 danger distances for each hole.

On the other hand, it allows you to play three full laps without a recharge, thanks to its long battery life. And due to its small dimensions, it is very comfortable to wear. Includes multi-function clip and USB charging cable.

Main features

  • Weight: 42g. Dimensions: 55x55x18 mm.
  • Screen: 35x35mm, scratch-resistant mineral glass.
  • Water resistance: waterproof.
  • Battery life: more than 16 hours, rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Connectivity and technology: USB.
  • Golf functions: front/center / rear distance of the Green, automatic hole change, preloaded obstacles, shot distance, step counter.
  • Sensors: GPS.

Garmin Approach G30

This compact GPS can be worn on a belt, clipped to your bag, or left in your pocket. And it has an attractive design despite its small dimensions.

It features a 2.3 “color touch screen with color hole mapping and a large number mode that displays distances. In green view allows for manual pin positioning to obtain precise distances.

It has a simple power button and is relatively light. It has the shape we are used to seeing on today’s phones and tablets. And it also has a rubber bezel to protect its edges if it ever falls off.

Provides all the information through a sensitive touch screen. And on the default screen, key stats are displayed along with distances to the Green.

Main features

  • Weight: 70.9 g. Dimensions: 53.0 x 75.0 x 21.0 mm.
  • Display: 58.4 mm (2.3 “) diagonal, transflective color TFT touch, 200 x 265 px resolution.
  • Water resistance: IPX7 splash and rain.
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours.
  • Connectivity and technology: USB, more than 40,000 pre-installed maps.
  • Golf functions: distance to a front, center, greenback area, space to any shot, scorecard, TruSwing compatibility.
  • Sensors: GPS.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros: – Good color touch screen – Correct front, middle and rear display – Color hole maps. -Comfortable to wear in your bag or belt.
  • Cons: – Somewhat expensive in its category.

Voice Caddie 300 White

The Voice Caddy 300 is a small GPS that speaks to you to indicate the distances. It is not a watch, nor does it have its functions, but it is the simplest, lightest, and most practical golf GPS.

It only weighs 24 grams and can be accommodated anywhere, such as a hat, belt, lapel, cart, etc. It is effortless to use at the push of a button.

It communicates in seven different languages to choose from, including Spanish and autonomy of 9 hours, with easy charging via USB and iPhone charger. It informs you in a loud voice of the distances to the entrance, center, and exit of the Green.

Automatically recognizes the golf course and playing hole. And for this, it has in its memory more than 27,000 fields in the world and incorporates any new area that appears free of charge.

Main features

  • Weight: 24g.
  • Dimensions: 45x45x12 mm.
  • Battery life: GPS mode: 8 h.
  • Connectivity and technology: 30,000 maps loaded.
  • Golf functions: distance to the front, center, and greenback area, the space for any shot, seven different languages.
  • Sensors: GPS.

How to choose the right golf watch

With a golf GPS watch, you will know the distance to the front, center, and back of the Green at the beginning of each hole. They will also show you the elevation, and with the help of the compass, you can point in the right direction during blind shots.

Even with some models, you can zoom in and out to see obstacles and verify the distance to any part of a hole. This can be very useful, especially on courses that you have not played before. In short, you can be an inseparable companion from the first moment.

This guide is intended to offer you the essential tips to consider before buying a golf watch. Among them the most outstanding features and functionalities that you should expect from a golf watch.

Which GPS golf watch is best for you?

There are a lot of main features that practically everyone has in common. They usually include thousands of preloaded maps and give you the distances to different points on the Green. They feature easy-to-read displays and are lightweight, so they feel comfortable on your wrist while you play or even work.

Of course, there are high-end golf watches that differ from others because they offer more advanced features. These include lots of detailed information, more preloaded maps, color and touch screens, and longer battery life—also, smart notifications from your mobile, daily activity, and even profiles of other outdoor sports.

All that technology in these watches is more than impressive, but the essential thing is that you measure the distances well. However, the best GPS golf watch depends not only on the price and its functions but also on whether you feel comfortable.

What are the characteristics that a golf GPS watch should have?


One of these devices can automatically track shots on a fairway. It also offers you information on approach distances, obstacles, doglegs, and the opening’s automatic transition. But the most important thing is that you accurately calculate the distances.

What do you want a smartwatch? Of course, some also include activity tracking and smart notification features. And vibrating alerts, or calorie and step tracking, will help you stay fit too.

Field maps

Most contain pre-installed maps of courses from around the world. So you’ll access the update of the databases and detect your field automatically.


The battery life should be about 15 hours in GPS mode and up to 8 weeks in activity monitor mode. So you can do 1, 2, and up to 3 complete laps in peace. And if it is a GPS watch, you can also use it daily.


Sunlight-readable color displays with a streamlined and utterly intuitive user interface are more useful and convenient to use while gaming. But there are good reasons why some golfers prefer non-touch screens and using only the buttons. Among them, a longer battery life.


Many models offer you the possibility to organize your tournament and invite different players. Therefore, your score will go directly to the leaderboard in real-time as you complete the course. It is an honest option for the more advanced.

Sport profiles

Some models include profiles for running, cycling, or swimming. This way, you can use the device for much more than just playing golf.

A GPS watch or handheld device is an almost essential aid on golf courses for all the above. All your information is extremely positive for the game.

But do you need a golf smart watch?

How much distance is there to save water? What sticks to using?

With a good golf GPS watch, you will know the distance to obstacles and doglegs. This way, you can decide whether to make an approach shot or to try it directly. And it is that wearables and golfers have been companions for a long time. Especially those desperate to improve their wrong numbers can find benefits with this technology.

Wearing a golf watch won’t make you play better, but it will help you make better decisions.

And if you are a golfer who participates in golf tournaments, you can look at the current golf rules to see if one of these devices is allowed to be used.

On the other hand, these tech products’ price has dropped in recent times, making them more affordable for everyone. And it’s not just GPS watches. Some applications are helping the golfer to get more out of their training time.

Both systems are useful information for the game. And most importantly, it is actionable information that can help you become a better golfer.

And if you play for entertainment, why use a golf GPS watch?

✔ Not all golfers indeed care about their score at the end of the day. What’s more, many players don’t even keep score. But is that golf is more than all that. Good times with friends, some solid shots, and maybe a birdie or two can be part of a pretty good day.

✔ This type of thinking will undoubtedly help your psychological health. Sometimes playing a slow lap can be a bit heavy. Fortunately, innovations like these golf watches are making the game more agile. You don’t need to waste time searching for brands when you have one of these watches on your wrist.

✔ And the fact is that a device that provides you with precise distances from any point of the route saves you effort so that you can dedicate yourself to thinking about your shot or joking around with your friends.

Can a golf GPS watch like these make your swing better?

Unfortunately, wearing a gold watch won’t make your swing any better than before. But the good news is that many of them come packed with features designed so you can improve them. Some even have tempo coaches.

This golf GPS watch makes audible sounds to signal the three critical moments in the swing. And if you ever feel uncomfortable with your swing, a session with your golf watch can go a long way. The high-end ones can also give you an idea of your swing’s power and other useful data if you are interested in the numbers.

However, they are not a perfect technology. But there is no doubt that they can do a lot to help you in the game.

What if you do not want to spend a lot of money?

✔ If you don’t want to spend more than 400 euros on a top-notch golf watch, don’t worry. The most important feature that one of these devices can offer is a precise distance. And there are many models on the market that give you reliable distances to obstacles and greens. Like the ones, we select here on this page.

✔ Golf will always be fun and also somewhat frustrating. This is why wearing a smart watch is a worthwhile investment. You will play faster, and you will surely get better scores. In short, you will enjoy your time on the golf course more. And that’s what the game is about.

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