Best 12 Tips For Playing Golf In The Rain (And More Tips)

12 Tips For Playing Golf In The Rain

Tips for playing golf in the rain

Playing golf in the rain? How lazy, I almost had better leave it for another day… but maybe you can’t postpone it because you’ve been waiting to play 18 holes with your friends for several weeks and you don’t mind playing golf too much in the rain; Either you are registered for a tournament and you can’t let the rain keep you out. Playing golf in the winter is tough.

Whatever the reason, you are going to face a round of playing golf in the rain, so you have to know how to get the best possible card “in the wet” and what to wear to avoid having a bad time by not wearing the right equipment.

1. Playing golf in the rain -Team

In any sport you do, you should preferably have technical equipment, something essential to obtain good results and in the case of golf the same.

But with the rain, you have to have additional and specific material to be able to play golf with greater comfort.

1.1-Waterproof jacket

We are very likely going to be moving in the rain to a greater or lesser extent for a few hours, so a good waterproof jacket cannot be missing.

It must be comfortable and as tight as possible, that it doesn’t let water pass (with a water-proof membrane) and adjusted so as not negatively interfere with our swing. A starting price for an honest waterproof jacket is 100 dollars.

1.2- Playing golf in the rain -Bag cover


To playing golf in the rain we need to keep the bag dry, in order to keep all the material that we transport in it dry. A plastic bag cover is essential to achieve this, so the water will not enter the bag, wetting the grips of the clubs and the rest of things. Its price starts at 15 dollars and if you opt for a high-end one you can spend up to 60 dollars.

1.3- Playing golf in the rain -Water cap

A waterproof hat will allow you to protect yourself from the rain when you leave the comfort of the buggy or the cover that the umbrella offers you when you are about to take a hit. Its approximate price is around 30-40 dollars.

1.4- Playing golf in the rain -Gloves

There are gloves specially designed to be used in the rain, more waterproof than conventional ones and that is also good for playing on cold days (you can buy them in a pack of two, one for each hand).

They are designed so that we have a good grip on the stick even when wet, despite this they will still get wet, so it is advisable to always have an extra pair within the bag to use if the primary step gets wet an excessive amount of.

To keep them dry for as long as possible, wear the gloves only to strike and then store them in a plastic bag until the next strike. Its price starts at 15 dollars and if you opt for a couple the 30 dollars.

1.5- Playing golf in the rain -Umbrella


If you’re not going by buggy, the umbrella and its corresponding applique for the car is important to playing golf in the rain. Of course, a golf umbrella of at least 60 inches in diameter and if it has a double cover with grooves so that there are air vents. Not only will it protect you, but it will also allow you to keep the bag as dry as possible, as well as the rest of the material you transport. Its approximate price is 40-50 dollars.

1.6- Playing golf in the rain -Towels

To playing golf in the rain you have to carry two or three golf towels in your bag, as over the course of the game they will get wet with use and with the action of the rain itself. The one you have in use, hang it from one of the poles of the umbrella so that it stays dry longer. Its price ranges from 15 dollars to about 30 dollars.

1.7- Playing golf in the rain -Wetsuit

A wet suit is another essential to playing golf in the rain, it will allow you to keep your body dry. They basically consist of a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants that can be placed under conventional pants.

If you live in a place with little rain, you may not invest much in it (because you will hardly use it) but if not, buy the best you can afford. Its price varies between 200 dollars and 600 dollars if you opt for a high-end one with Gore-tex.

1.8- Waterproof shoes


Having waterproof golf shoes will make the round in the rain more bearable… 18 holes with wet feet can wreak havoc on the health of your feet and yours.

Even with waterproof shoes, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of socks in the bag for contingencies: the shoes were ultimately not as waterproof as they should be, you tread on a puddle and soak the socks. The price of waterproof golf shoes almost always starts at 70 dollars and, depending on the brand, can easily exceed 200 dollars.

2. Playing golf in the rain -Game tips

Playing golf in the rain, but you have to stop playing if there is a lightning storm, in that case, you have to abandon the game and take refuge in the clubhouse or any safe place (under a tree is not safe). You don’t want the head of your club to be caught by lightning, take refuge, wait for the rays to stop and if not … go directly home or play on the 19th hole. If the wind is also present, you will be interested in taking a look at tips for playing golf in the wind.

2.1- Hitting the ball in the rain

The ball will have a lower flight and you will make fewer meters than you would get on a day without rain or wind since the humidity of the environment (together with the action of the rain itself) will not allow the ball to cross the air just as easily.

For this reason, and as a general rule, you should use less in your club than you would normally use for that same distance, avoid hitting the ball with more force, and opt for a smaller club to avoid making mistakes (pressing a club to make more meters is never a good option, but if it takes one less club and gives a softer blow)

Watch if there are flooded or muddy areas in the path of your ball because if you land on them you will lose many, many meters.

2.2- Playing golf in the rain -In the bunker

If you visit the bunker, for hitting keep in mind that the sand will be much more compacted and this adds difficulty to hitting from the bunker, since you will not catch much sand and the blows will come out with more force, measure the force or you will finish getting more meters than you wanted.

To check how compacted the sand is, stick your feet in the sand and move them when performing the stance and you will check how loose the sand is (this is applicable once you make any shot from the bunker, no matter the weather conditions).

2.3- Playing golf in the rain -On the green

Far from what may seem a priori, the green will be slower and when kicking the ball, it will be slowed by the water that will accumulate in the dimples of the ball. For this reason, the ball will take the falls with more leniency, which makes the reading of them change substantially compared to playing with the dry green and the slopes therefore you must face them with less prudence.

As a general rule, you have to apply more force on impact with the putter to travel the same distance that you would get with green in normal conditions (without water).

As your approach shots are softer, they will not run either and if you raise the ball a lot you will generate a generous spike, all this will subtract meters from your initial predictions.

2.4- Dry the material (and yourself)


After using a stick, you have to dry it completely before storing it in your bag, not only dry the head of the iron or wood, it is also important to dry the entire rod (or when placing the stick in the bag the water will end up sliding towards the grip and end up flooded) and dry the grip itself.

Following the advice to always have a dry towel hanging on one of the poles of the umbrella, use it to always dry your face and hands after scoring.

In the same way, before kicking, clean and dry the ball so that it does not have accumulated water and is in the best conditions for rolling.

3. Playing golf in the rain -Final advice

The advice that will help you the most to enjoy a round of playing golf in the rain is: rent a buggy if possible. You will be drier and with this, you will enjoy the game more, in addition to avoiding to a great extent that you step on puddles or muddy areas and you will finish playing in a shorter time.

With rain and bad weather in general, there is a tendency to perform shorter routines than usual to run under the umbrella or under the shelter of the buggy, but you have to maintain the same routines as always so that your game is not affected.

Since rain gear isn’t cheap, try shopping for the basics for golfing in the rain outside of the winter season. You can equip yourself for much less money if you are proactive and buy your equipment to playing golf in the rain between June and August since it is a time when stores tend to remove the stock of this type of material.

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